Bill Gates - Selling Chemtrails Through the Microsoft Partner Network

by Enoch Moore 25. November 2013 23:03

Chemtrail picture from Microsoft Partner website

I find it amusing that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, billionaire Bilderberger, known New World Order elitist, self-admitted peddler of population control (see below) injections to the 3rd world, pushes a little NWO subliminal programming out through his network of hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Partner businesses and consultants.

Right on the front page of the Microsoft Partner Network site is a picture of an airplane dumping Chemtrails in order to promote Cloud Computing.

I guess why not use something intended to cull the population of the planet and destroy natural crops to promote the future of IT!  Makes sense, doesn't it?

Seriously though, I have seen this attempt to normalize these images in the sky everywhere.  My children's Lego movie cartoon has lego planes spilling Chemtrails.  Facebook had a video on their front page one time with it also. 

More adults need to pause and ask themselves why airplanes never did this before throughout their entire life.  Why do the skies suddenly look completely different, often creating a gray and dirty ceiling above us that slowly floats down on our gardens, into our water supply and onto our children playing outside.

As far as I can tell (with the exception of California who had a head start) this had not been the norm in our skies until about ten years. 

Thanks to Rosalind Peterson of California Sky Watch, and the Agricultural Defense Coalition, who did the pioneering work in California that exposed the absolute destruction that these trails have been, and still are, causing.  She gave a great presentation at the United Nations calling out the Chemtrail/Geoengineering industry on this plus she demonstrated that they create temperature increases which only helps create "global warming".

Below is an image of the full Microsoft Screenshot.  A very casual way to normalize their crimes.  The unaware citizen will be less likely to ask questions about the crap in the sky when he sees pictures like these in a normal professional environment. 

I'll also include one of Bill's more infamous presentations on population control at a TED conference at the bottom of this post too.

If this is a new subject for you, I recommend the documentary "What in the World are they Spraying".

Look up in the sky Utah! It's above us all the time (Some weeks more than others).  This is not normal.




Bill Gates: Population Control


Film: What in the World are the Spraying

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