Arthur Brooks - Controlled Opposition Promoted by Utah Think Tank?

by Enoch Moore 30. December 2013 23:22

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Arthur Brooks is the author of "The Road to Freedom" and president of the American Enterprise Institute.

He speaks of free enterprise and how to restore America by making the moral case for capitalism. 

I witnessed him speak at a Sutherland Institute dinner where he had the opportunity to influence many in the Utah legislature, including Governor Herbert at the table next to me.  He gave a great presentation including a warm personal story about a left vs. right political discussion within his family.  He lost the argument, he says, when the left argument proved that capitalists don't care about the poor.  So Arthur then makes a good point by reminding us to make the moral case for capitalism without focusing on just numbers. 

But for a brief few minutes during his presentation he starts to speak of free trade.  He speaks very highly of it explaining that free trade is reducing poverty around the globe.  Gee, I guess since he's such a great capitalist I should now believe in something called "free trade", right?  Since I am just an average citizen (or elected representative) who is uneducated on free trade I guess I will now believe that supporting "free trade" is a good thing because it's associated with this guy who is telling me a few nice things about capitalism, right? 

It is easy to be misled because very few understand what free trade is regardless of the political angle you're coming from.

Free Trade is the globalist scheme to get around the laws of a nation and build a governmental infrastructure that exists outside of existing governments.  Large non-free-market corporations making international trade laws with the blessings of existing governments to overrule the laws of all nations, especially the US constitution. 

This is called fascism.  A form of communism made to appear like capitalism to the average citizen who has no idea they should even be looking for something suspicious. 

Currently our nation is under threat of being overrun by this new governmental structure more than ever before.  Infamous NAFTA tribunals will be nothing compared to what is coming.  Our courts will ultimately mean nothing in the end, being subjected to the trade agreement rules.  The most recent trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TPIP) (Please see Transatlantic Danger: U.S.-EU Merger Talks and Secretly Trading Away Our Independence) are merging the economies of the United States with the European Union and the Pacific Rim including China.  So no longer will the laws of our land matter, just the corporate negotiations of companies and powerful individuals who do not answer to the laws of anyone.


Partial text of the TPP leaked from Wikileaks.  These treasonous meetings were held right here in Salt Lake City!!

One thing the guy in the video got wrong (which is common) is when he says the Constitution in Article VI says treaties are the law of the land.  That is partially true.  However if the treaty itself violates the constitution, or the treaty goes into subjects that are outside the enumerated powers listed in the constitution for congress then that treaty is not the law of the land.  But the general point of what he's saying is correct.  But that won't stop most of our leaders from claiming that the corporation's rules are the law of the land, and they'll claim that it is constitutional.

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