Unprecedented Abuse of Former Police Chief, Shane Harger, Escalates

by Ben McClintock 19. August 2014 14:59

Written by Sam Bushman  


It was myself and Vincent Finelli who first broke the story about Shane Harger and the trouble that strangely occurred at the same time he went to the CSPOA event in Las Vegas; strange, because the Sandoval County Sheriff’s department, the Village Council, the TSA and the FBI all became intensely involved over a tiny town police chief, Shane Harger.

The $64K question is, Why?

Last Thursday afternoon former Jemez Springs Police Chief, Shane Harger, was indicted and arrested on charges related to several allegations made by a 19-year-old heroin addict female named Dusty Keane.

Harger’s attorney, Thomas Grover, said the charges stem from a January case when Harger was on duty as a police officer and assisted another officer with a traffic stop involving four subjects suspected of trafficking heroin.

“Harger is innocent of these charges, and that will become abundantly clear as this case moves forward,” Grover said in a statement. “This is yet another instance where police officers must be forever vigilant when they take people into custody.”

Even the written complaint against Shane by Dusty Keane claims the “sexual act” took around 10 seconds or so with a gloved hand.

Mr. Harger contends these allegations are fabricated and completely false. He was kind enough to not arrest Dusty when the traffic stop occurred in January even though she was one of four subjects caught trafficking heroin. Shane was a true gentleman, and released Dusty to her mother instead of taking her to jail with her drug dealing associates. Drug scales were discovered along with heroin in the vehicle at the time of the arrest of Dusty’s companions.


After the indictment came down, Harger was immediately arrested by State police at his Edgewood home. On his way to jail he was intentionally paraded before a well prepped media. If that’s not enough, we find out that bail has been set at $150,000 as a Cash Only Bond. Mr. Harger’s attorney tried to push for an arraignment hearing to reduce the outrageous bond requirements and the judge in the case agreed.

However, the 13th District Attorney’s Office (505-771-7414) District Attorney, Lemuel Martinez, flat out refused to play ball. The arraignment is currently set for Monday August 18th.

Since the actions by New Mexico Government officials in this case are so extreme, we must ask the question, is the arrest of Shane Harger politically motivated?

Transparency, due process, and the rule of law are of the utmost importance for the proper role of government.


Sam Bushman is the radio host of talk show Liberty Roundtable – www.libertyroundtable.com


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