About Defending Utah

Defending Utah is the leading local organization working to educate citizens on the principles of liberty and expose those conspiring to take away your freedom.

It’s time for you to become a part of a community taking action.

About Defending UtahOur aim is to follow the rule of being “anxiously engaged in a good cause“.  Most of us have a religious foundation but not everyone. However, we all agree that taking away people’s right to choose is a violation of one’s free agency.

Defending Utah exposes the truth regardless of its popularity and has been on the front lines promoting liberty while exposing shills and fake friends of freedom since 2013. There have been many times over the years when we were the rare light in the dark, most especially during this fraudulent pandemic. But it takes more than news to restore freedom; it takes an organized network of people working together. We do not have some wealthy backer or fantastic business model that keeps us afloat; we depend wholly on small donations from many individuals to cover expenses.

Evil forces are highly organized and well-funded and they will not be conquered by those who stand alone. We invite you to become a member of Defending Utah. The more resources we have the more we can do and we want you to take part in our network of freedom lovers and workers and/or we’d like to help you build one of your own. We ask you to please consider supporting Defending Utah with your hard-earned money. We ask you to please consider working with us to restore freedom.

We are non-partisan, and as an organization do not endorse candidates.  We encourage our volunteer members to make wise judgments on all candidates based on correct principles.  Many of these principles are discussed in great depth during our trainings and during public community presentations that our members organize in their various communities.

The team here at Defending Utah has over 20 years experience in fighting conspiring men and women and working to help defend liberty.  If you follow us, you have seen many of these successes over the years. Through our network of activists and opinion molders, you will be part of a winning team helping to stop evil and promote freedom in our state.

We hope you will check out our original reports and please consider joining with us in Defending Utah today.

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Defending Utah


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