Defending Utah is the leading LOCAL organization working to expose those conspiring to take away your freedom and educate citizens on the principles of liberty.  We do this through original investigative reports, organizing to hold elected officials accountable, and public citizen events.

There are some great organizations working to expose those enemies on a national level, but they just don’t have the ability to really uncover what’s going on here in Utah, leading to a lot of us falling for false solutions proposed by wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

If you want to help expose more politicians and others working to destroy freedom in Utah, please consider joining Defending Utah today!  As we launch, we will start with online training to help you be a more effective activist, meetings you can choose to attend, call into or join online.  You can also help with contributions to articles, investigations, video journalism, etc.  You will also receive regular updates on original investigative reports, action items and much more!  Membership starts at only $10 a month! 

We are non-partisan, and as an organization do not endorse candidates.  We encourage our volunteer members to make wise judgments on all candidates based on correct principles.  Many of these principles are discussed in great depth during our trainings.

The team here at Defending Utah has over 20 years experience in fighting conspiring men and women and working to help defend liberty by getting states to nullify national ID and to go on record opposing the North American Union and Agenda 21. Our team has been instrumental in getting influential opinion molders like radio talk show hosts to expose the North American Union, The Agenda 21 trojan horse, exposing those behind the Count My Vote fraud and so much more. Through our network of activists and opinion molders, you will be part of a winning team helping to stop evil and promote freedom in our state. 

We hope you will check out our original reports and please consider joining with us in Defending Utah today.

Your team at, 

Defending Utah 

Questions? Call: (801) 877-3205




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  1. Supporting Member:
    • Help expose enemies of liberty
    • Access to activist web portal, to pick supporting member level assignments
    • E-Bulletin with exclusive reports, action items, history, training
    • Lessons on principles to guide public policy.. and more!
    • Influence Utah politics
    • FREE Two or Four Day Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun course ($2,000 value)
  2. Activist Member:
    • All the benefits of supporting member PLUS...
    • Weekly phone/skype training
    • Citizen journalist assignments made available to choose from
    • Activist assignments made available to chose from
    • Personal one on one activist training from an expert
    • Periodic in person training with national advanced guest trainers
    • FIRST 100 MEMBERS get Lifetime membership at the world class Front Sight weapons and self defense training institute ($15,000 value) after 1 year membership anniversary
    • LIMITED TIME ONLY FREE Gun rental certificates and FREE hotel stay at the Frontsight Resort!!
    • Access to research online document archives. Full of government documents, newspaper clippings and more!
    • 2 tickets to Defending Utah Annual Speaking event
  1. Advertising Member:
    • All the benefits of activist member PLUS
    • Sponsor listing on social media (Facebook, Meetup, etc)
    • Sponsor listing (banner ad) on
    • Advertising in e-bulletin and other online and print material
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For annual memberships, please contact us at 801-877-3205

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