Constitutional Experts: Ken Ivory is One of the Most Dangerous Legislators in the Country

Why would multiple Constitutional experts and other activists call Utah State Representative, Ken Ivory (R-West Jordan) "dangerous"?  

Representative Ivory is touted as a modern founding father among some circles, and some even call him one of the biggest champions for the Constitution in our state. He talks about the founding fathers and the need for local control.  Could he be a master of the art of "bait and switch", or is he all that he promotes himself to be?  

From the support of Federal mandates, to intimidation, to killing pro freedom legislation, find out what those that have dealt with Representative Ivory behind the scenes have to say about his actions. 

These are not just the experiences of a few, but his record shows that three out of the past five legislative sessions, Representative Ivory has received "D" and "F" grades from the Libertarian think tank "Libertas".  Is that the record of a friend of liberty, or a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Scott Bradley Interview segment: Ken Ivory Destroys Nullification Resolution

Bliss Tew Interview segment: Ken Ivory Intimidates, "Don't Talk About Nullification"

This and more in the audio clip below from  our radio show 29 Oct 2015 on KTKK 630AM.  Listen in every Thursday 10am -noon.     



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