Sheriff Richard Mack New Exclusive Information: Media Lies and Arresting Ammon Bundy

Thursday, January 8, 2015, Ben McClintock and Enoch Moore interview Sheriff Richard Mack on KTKK AM630.  You can listen to our radio show every Thursday from 10 to noon, Part of the liberty lineup Monday through Friday.

In this interview, Sheriff Mack, Gives us first hand insight and testimony from the Hammond Ranch, as well as insights into personal conversations with Ammon Bundy.  

Should Ammon Bundy be arrested? Would Sheriff Mack help in the arrest? Why were the Hammonds charged with terrorism? Does the government really have a financial interest in taking away their land and is the terrorism charge a part of a plot to take away their land?

All of this and more in our interview with Sheriff Richard Mack.  Please help correct the false media narrative and share this with all of your friends


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