Utah Child Case Worker Calls Rapist "Personal Hero"

April 19, 2016, Bryce Hurst, a child case worker for the Utah Division of Child and Family Services said, “Salt Lake City is one of the gayest cities in America” when testifying in favor of naming 900 south in SLC after pedophile (technically an ephebophile, someone who is attracted to children between the ages of 15-19) and sex predator, Harvey Milk. 

Who was Harvey Milk?  Milk was an open homosexual who stalked boys between the ages of 14-19 years old.  One of Harvey’s victims was Jack McKinley, who was 16 when Harvey was 33, making this “LGBT” hero a statutory rapist.   

Bryce Hurst, a public servant entrusted with the protection of Utah’s youth (many of which are between the ages of 15-19) called Milk, "a personal hero" of his.

This kind of “tolerance” is putting Utah’s youth at risk for not just short term physical harm, but long term emotional damage that is proven to lead to victims becoming predators themselves. 


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