Utah Scientist Exposes Cancer Industry

A local Utah chemist has published evidence from the past exposing the fraudulent cancer industry.


Founding Fathers, Benjamin Rush, Medical Freedom


Robert Crawley, currently working as a laboratory technician, originally wanted to go into the medical field.  But during his college years his research took him on an unexpected journey which led him to change course.

Introduction from Robert:

42 years ago, fulfilling an assignment in medical school, I wrote a research paper on a "drug". The "drug" that I chose was Laetrile, which is not a drug, but a vitamin.

It appears exactly as I submitted it, but let me preface it with a few comments that for obvious reasons I couldn't put in the paper:

1) I worked as closely as I could with all 3 of the cancer specialists who taught at LSU medical school at the time. All 3 of them knew less than nothing about Laetrile when I started my research. When it was done, 2 of them still knew less than nothing about it. The 3rd graded my paper, so probably read it and thus knew what the paper said. He said that he believed that Laetrile works, but didn't want to rock the establishment boat by getting involved in the battle to make it legal.

2) In my hundreds of hours spent in researching this topic, I uncovered a vast and powerful government and media machine united in fighting against knowledge of Laetrile becoming available even to doctors and medical researchers like myself. The American Cancer Society was heavily involved in this campaign of misinformation. I could write a book (or at least a pamphlet) just on the ACS and its false dealings in this area.

3) I began this project looking for all the information I could find about Laetrile as an anti cancer agent. As my research progressed, I found much more. It is also good as an anti pain agent and as an anti high blood pressure agent (the main reason my wife and I currently take it as we both suffer from high blood pressure).

4) There is much, much more. But know that I gave up somewhere between 5 and 10 million dollars in lifetime earnings when I decided to leave the medical field, and Laetrile was a big part of that decision. So, do I believe in it? Read and enjoy.






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