'Womens Day' in Salt Lake Has Strong Ties to Communist Movement

A protest was held at the Utah state capitol lead by a communist front group, Utah Women Unite.  Following in the tradition of the communist slogan, “workers of the world unite”, Utah Women Unite were sure to wear their communist red outfits and berets, matching modern communist hero, Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez.  

Three protestors Defending Utah spoke with, (making communist fist salute) Angel Vice, who was there with her two daughters, said she was there to stand up for a world that was “more powerful and safe than the one I grew up in” (not sure what that means, just quoting).  When asked what organization she was with, Angel said she wasn’t with any group. When asked how she found out about the event, she couldn’t answer.

Checking out the literature from Utah Women Unite, you will see just how much they are another tentacle promoting socialism in our state.  Following the steps laid out in “Rules for Radicals” (which were literally dedicated to Lucifer) written by fellow communist, Saul Alinsky, they believe that,

Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.


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They set up several front groups to give the appearance of popular support, when in reality the “groups” are really run by the same people. 

For a more in-depth principled analysis of how this works, watch “Anarchy USA” on our website


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