Socialist Organization Gives Utah Legislature High Marks

The extreme statist organization, Alliance for a Better Utah (ABU), came out with its 2018 legislative score card. The Utah legislature lines up well with the organization's radically socialist world view. 

Of note, prominent Republican Buckshot members Todd Weiler and Deidre Henderson received the highest overall grade that ABU gave Senate members, right along with open statist & LGBT activist Jim Dabakis.

Grading socialist economic policies, only four of the seventy-five legislators received a D or F grade, meaning the vast majority of the “Republican” legislature voted to grow government, take more of your money and create new socialist programs. The same types of programs that are leading to social disaster all over the globe (ie. Obamacare expansion, government housing, etc). In the Senate the only members to get A+ grades were Republican Buckshot Caucus members. Not even Senate Democrats were socialist enough to get the A+ that Curt Bramble, Don Ipson and Evan Vickers received.

When grading the legislature on things like special rights for LGBTs and extreme abortion policies, not a single member of the House scored below a C. All but three of the seventy-five-member body received A and B grades.  This means they all did a great job in supporting bills that would relax abortion restrictions and increase ties to federal and regional governments and erode Utah's state sovereignty.  In the Senate, only Jerry Stevenson didn’t get the support of ABU.

Some of the same individuals that did well with the socialist goals of ABU also did well in the score cards of some more liberty minded organizations as well. This might make one ask how could both socialist AND liberty minded organizations give the same legislator a high grade?  Defending Utah believes this perfectly illustrates the incomplete picture score cards give and why a more substantive review of elected officials must be conducted by constituents.


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