Scott Bradley: Mike Lee and Trump betray America, bring back TPP in USMCA

Constitutional scholar Scott Bradley has hard facts and real questions for Mike Lee and others who claim to support our fundamental constitutional rights.

The USMCA is a proposed replacement for the NAFTA agreement.  It was October 1st, in the Rose Garden of the White House, that President Trump announced the "United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement" (USMCA)

President Trump, received praise after his election for getting the US out of the TPP.  The TPP was an international agreement that worked to make the fundamental constitutional rights of every American citizen take a back door to a regional world government.  Despite Trump's actions, he has now simply moved much of this treasonous language into his new USMCA, which he claims is a "better deal" for America.

Defending Utah has been warning since before the last presidential election, that Trump was selected by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to complete the work that Obama couldn't complete.  The CFR published in their own magazine, Foreign Affairs, as Trump entered office, that we were entering "World Order 2.0". (Richard N. Haass, Foreign Affairs, Feb 15th, 2017)

The USMCA is further evidence of Trump's sovereignty destroying role.


Additionally, Trump continues to destroy the second amendment.  Scott Bradley comments further on Trump's bump stock ban.



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Interview with Dr. Scott Bradley, PHd

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