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  • The State of Utah passed a bill so Cities can apply their own percentage to the Sales Tax, so sales tax from city to city are different, (start looking at your sales receipts).

    I have to correct the caller on Fire Department Personnel and Utah Taxpayers paying their pension/retirement.  This is FALSE!  Utah Firefighters have ALWAYS funded their own retirement!  It was the ONLY part of the State Retirement that was solvent.  This is what spearheaded Dan Liljenquist, (the rat as I call him), to confiscate those retirement funds to spend on other programs.  This took place around 2008 when Glenn Beck started the movement to put a stop to government funded retirement and PRAISED Liljenquist for his efforts in Utah.  This year the Firefighters are on their way to having this wrong restored with legislation this session.  Remember, the families of these Firefighters were ROBBED!  This just proves the point that people need not speak to this point unless they have real knowledge of the facts, (addressing several callers).

    On 441, I told several legislators, "the service tax would have been the death of my small business if Obamacare Tax hadn't done it first"!  True Story.
  • P.S. -  After listening to the public comments about Firefighters, may I just add this.  How many of you work a 56 hr. work week?  How many of you would for the median wages our Firefighters do?  Many of our Firefighters have to work two jobs to make ends meet.  This adds to the time they are away from their families.  Most nights they don't sleep through the night because many of you may not know, they are the first responders to every medical call that comes through the 911 system, having EMT training beside the Paramedics they now have, this was not always the case.  Most of the calls they respond to are medical calls.  We raised three children on low wages and time away from the children, I could relate some of the hardships on me, but I'll save that for another day.  Many missed school programs, sporting competitions and holidays, MAJOR ONES, you can't run home at the drop of a hat.  You are there to stay, now for 2 days straight before time off, and depending on assignments from the Chief that may require them to report to the scene of an incident while at home on their days off, but go ahead and keep heaping on the put-downs!  Many Firefighters suffer Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Mental stress, Occupational hearing loss and other injuries from dealing with toxic chemicals among others.  ( )  We ran a landscape maintenance business through the 90's to help make ends meet which, would be taxable if the Utah Legislature/Governor gets their way!
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