Primary Childrens Working with the State to Kidnap Children

Defending Utah unfolds the science of why some parents might want to opt out of traditional cancer treatments and what Primary Children's Hospital does, in conjunction with the state, to force families to take dangerous poisons under threat of kidnapping.

Also, check out the medical bill of rights text below and contact your legislator and encourage them to introduce this bill.





Find out who your legislator is here and tell them to introduce the Medical Care Bill of Rights

Download a copy of the Medical Care Bill of Rights here: SecondMedicalOpinionAmendments.pdf (75.62 kb)

Contact Dr Richard Lemons (801) 662-4700, head of the oncology department at Primary Children's and tell him and his staff to stop calling CPS on parents that want to seek out other medical care options for their children.

 Check out Ben's story:






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