Covid19 Gov. Death Stats : Based on Your Feelings

Rosa Parks and COVID 19

According to an official notice on "guidance for certifying COVID-19 deaths" from the director of the National Center for Health Statistics, deaths can be officially labeled COVID-19 deaths if you just feel like it, "just because"

"COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is ASSUMED to have caused or CONTRIBUTED to death"

Why are we allowing the ruin of this world on such a scientifically unsound methodology?

Government says COVID19 stats can be based on feelings

This would match with social media posts such as this one. A Nurse in New York City (where the epidemic is allegedly "so huge") reports that patients that died of other causes had their death certificates changed by somebody else to say covid19.  The level of fraud is unreal.

New York Nurse Says Fake Covid19 deaths reported

16 more examples available in this article:

Shows over everyone, go back to work. If there's no actual law in your area locking you down, just go back to normal and ignore all of this.

And if there is a law, you should ignore that too in protest if you don't want this unconstitutional behavior to become the new normal.

We are all now united as Rosa Parks sitting on the bus in defiance of irrational and unjust laws.


If this is your first time seeing reports that this situation is fraudulent, please review these other articles for additional information building up to this:

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  • Tests are not accurate=numbers are not accurate. Dont believe the lies! DONT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS! #RISEUP
  • This is one of many reasons the death rate looks higher than it really is. They're dividing reported deaths (which is higher than actual deaths) by confirmed cases (when actual cases are unknown and far higher than confirmed cases). A couple other notable reasons: (1) Our nutrition in the USA in particular is atrocious, and far worse than our ancestors - and consequently our immune systems are worse, (2) other aspects of modern life also lead to worse immune systems and higher susceptibility to death from a virus - it's a big list (things like stress, inadequate sleep, unnatural lighting, constantly increasing EMF exposure, ever-increasing vaccines, many fraudulent medications that are widely used, inadequate physical exercise, and plenty more could be listed), (3) demographics have shifted since the Spanish Flu went through. Due largely to liberalism (i.e. false doctrines of socialism/communism), the average age of people on the planet is considerably older, in other words there were many more young people a century ago than there are now. We have aging populations failing to replace themselves, particularly in the Western nations - and the old are what COVID-19 are taking out, just as with the flu and many other illnesses.

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