Whistle Blowers Reveal Lies Behind the Fake Pandemic

Defending Utah has interviewed two medical industry whistle blowers, one an ICU nurse and the other a management level hospice care provider. These whistle blowers explain how the morbidity rates are manipulated, how new COVID-19 CDC requirements are dangerous, and how hospital workers know that the regulations make no medical sense and are purely political.  These whistle blowers match and confirm previous Defending Utah reports on the governments response to the so called "pandemic" that you can check out here. Please share this article/videos to help more people understand what is really going on.

 ICU Nurse Whistle Blower:


 Hospice Manager:


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  • Thank you for sharing. You guys have my support! I knew all about this Covid was a mumbo jumbo. Sadly there are many people still in ignorance.

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