Utah Governors Office Continues To Track You

We are tracking you Corona cola Governor's office

In April of this year Utah governor Gary Herbert launched a new initiative tracking anyone that came into the state. Once an individual with a smart phone crossed the Utah border, a notification would pop up on their phone telling them to fill out a list of questions many felt were invasive such as where are you going, how long will you be there and who is with you.

Defending Utah covered the controversy in the following video report:

Shortly after the alerts started, it received opposition from people worried about privacy and civil liberties. The alert system was also full of its own internal problems as reported by the Deseret News.

Many thought they could feel a sense of relief under the false impression the state was no longer spying on them. What many don't know is that the state of Utah has been tracking you via your cell phone since at least 2016 as Defending Utah reported here. Vickie Valera from the governors office of economic development testified before the state legislature,

"You can call this creepy, but I call it creative and complex, but we can keep track of everything you do as a consumer. And we are keeping track."
















With the state not being forthright in its tracking of the people, it's essential we understand what is gong on and take appropriate action with our mobile devices as well as reaching out to our legislators demanding they no longer allow this violation of the 4th amendment of the US constitution and Article 1 sec 14 of the Utah constitution to continue.


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  • We are Citizens of a free society  unlike China.  I do not wish to allow my Constitutional Rights to be violated under the guise of a questionable emergency.  This is very wrong and will lead to a full blown tyrannical government.
  • Our question is,"Why are you keeping track of us and for what purpose? Thank you._ Kipp and Hollis Cabaness
  • for all people who only hear but do not take the time to do their own research and physically read the text will always be deceived. DON't take our words for it, get off of WASTBOOK and do something to save our families, kids, and legacies. Forced vaccinations will be the last nail in the coffin for America,  submissision to the new world order is death that simple...wake up and seek the truth before its too late...

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