CALL TO ACTION: Say NO to Forced COVID Testing

UPDATE June 15
There has been some confusion and misrepresentation about what we've said and haven't said about the topics being covered this week in interim committee hearings. Dr. Bradley gave an update to clarify and give further direction. More to come.

 Say No to Forced Covid Testing

Medical freedom could be under attack once again at the Utah state capitol. During next week’s (June 16th & 17th) interim committee hearings there are two proposals that need your attention. An interim committee is a committee that meets when the legislature is NOT in session to discuss bills that will be introduced in the upcoming session (regular or special). Bills and topics of legislation that pass out of interim committee often are rubber stamped and pass through the session with little to no opposition. NOW is the time we need you to take a stand.


1. Mandatory Testing

Tuesday June 16th at 9:30am in the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee is item #3 “Testing for Covid-19” which reads, “The committee will study the possibility of making changes to Utah Code Section 78B-8-402 to allow for mandated testing for COVID-19.”

Mandating medical tests of any kind is a fundamental threat to someone’s personal autonomy and is directly linked to the issues we presented in our report on “contact tracing”.

Mandated medical tests also violate the Nuremberg Code which states,
"The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."

(Screenshot from the Utah Legislative Website, 6-10-2010)

2. Possible Covid-19 ID Cards

The following day at 9:00am, the Senate Transportation Interim committee will be hearing a proposal (language not available as of time of publication) which appears concerning due to national proposals for COVID-19 identification cards. The only language we have available reads, “Responding to COVID-19 is prompting review of how the state addresses various services and processes, including accelerating some changes already contemplated. The committee will discuss the transition from a driver license to a state-issued ID card.”

Check out our video report with Dr. Scott Bradley


We ask that you…

  1. Stand against mandatory testing by contacting the 2020 Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Interim Committee members below immediately to demand that they reject any mandatory testing programs.

    2020 Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Interim Committee
    Listed members and their available contact info:
    Sen. Keith Grover (R), Chair
    Phone: Mobile: 801-319-0170

    Rep. Lee B. Perry (R), Chair
    Sen. Don L. Ipson (R)  
    Phone: 435-817-5281

    Sen. Kathleen Riebe (D)  
    Phone: 385-222-1742

    Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher (R)  
    Phone: 801-759-4746

    Sen. Evan J. Vickers (R)
    Phone: 435-817-5565
    Rep. Kim F. Coleman (R)
    Phone: 801-865-8970

    Rep. Sandra Hollins (D)
    Phone: 801-363-4257
    Rep. Kelly B. Miles (R)
    Phone: 801-458-8270
    Rep. Val K. Potter (R)
    Phone: 435-757-9834
    Rep. Marie H. Poulson (D)
    Phone: 801-942-5390
    Rep. Paul Ray (R)
    Phone: 801-725-2719
    Rep. Angela Romero (D)
    Phone: 801-722-4972
    Rep. Mike Schultz (R)
    Phone: 801-859-7713
    Rep. Jeffrey D. Stenquist (R)  
    Phone: 385-272-9437

    Rep. Mark A. Strong (R)
    Phone: 385-275-5682

  2. Provide public comment on mandatory testing to be read on the record during the meeting here
  3. Stand against invasive medical identification by contacting the committee members below urging them to oppose any proposal that would require special ID’s to be able to travel, work, go to school, etc.

    2020 Transportation Interim Committee

    Sen. Wayne A. Harper (R), Chair
    Phone: 801-566-5466

    Rep. Kay J. Christofferson (R), Chair
    Phone: 801-592-5709
    Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R)  
    Phone: 801-593-1776

    Sen. David G. Buxton (R)
    Phone: 801-707-7095
    Sen. Karen Mayne (D)  
    Phone: 801-232-6648

    Sen. Ronald Winterton (R)
    Phone: 435-299-8531
    Rep. Kyle R. Andersen (R)  
    Phone: 385-239-1523

    Rep. Melissa G. Ballard (R)
    Phone: 801-633-6561
    Rep. Walt Brooks (R)  
    Phone: 435-817-3530

    Rep. Steve R. Christiansen (R)
    Phone: 385-465-4492
    Rep. Dan N. Johnson (R)
    Phone: 435-770-7051
    Rep. Marsha Judkins (R)  
    Phone: 801-669-6962

    Rep. Karen Kwan (D)  
    Phone: 385-249-0683

    Rep. Merrill F. Nelson (R)  
    Phone: 801-971-2172

    Rep. Adam Robertson (R)
    Phone: 385-325-2877
    Rep. Lawanna Shurtliff (D)
    Phone: (801) 538-1029
    Rep. Raymond P. Ward (R)  
    Phone: 801-440-8765

    Rep. Elizabeth Weight (D)
    Phone: 385-272-1413

  4. Provide public comment on invasive identifications and travel restrictions to be read on the record during the meeting here
  5. Download your copy of Utah Central Committee Resolution 2020-4, so you know your rights on medical freedom.
  6. If mandatory testing passes, form your own neighborhood committee or join an existing one to network with others in defending your rights.


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Comments (13) -

  • Dan
    One of the largest issues I have with the electronic meetings in general at all levels of government, is that we can not speak AFTER the presentation, which often answers many questions we may take our 3 minutes to raise.
  • I don't see why forced Covid-19 testing is even a topic of discussion.  We have individual rights that prohibit this kind of thought process or action.  I'm totally against any kind of forced testing.
  • Forced testing is bringing down our freedoms. In 12 months when there is an antidote for Covid-19 will we then we subject to another set of forced rules?
    We are a people of freedoms - enough of this nonsense!
  • i believe in individual sovereignty and this is not it
  • M
    I am against forced testing!
  • Forced testing for covid is a complete violation of our constitutional rights, which are our God given rights. The government will never be God.
  • I am adamantly and irrevocably against mandatory testing.  It goes against every ethical choice we have and violates our constitutional rights.  Utahns need to stand firm against this and refuse to accept it.  Speak out!
  • This mandatory testing for Covid 19 is absurd and against our constitutional rights.
  • Your videos are too long. They droan on and on. I give up before a point is made.  You need to have no more than a 2 minute synopsis.  More people would watch.
  • Here is a response from a text I sent to Daniel Thatcher...he said

    Mandatory testing is not being considered.
    It's unthinkable. You have been lied to. No one is proposing that and no one would support it.

    My response...
    Great! I hope I'm wrong and you're correct. I hope it's all a big lie. Because you are right it is unthinkable and morally wrong.  I nevertheless will be paying close attention.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Please respond and enlighten me on why he might say I've been lied to...
  • Sorry, I goofed. This happened back in June! I would have acted on it then if I'd have known. What ended up happening? I heard the other day on the news that Governor Herbert is partnering with the Rockefeller foundation and several other states to come up with testing that will be faster. I'm curious as to know if this is part of the legislation that passed back in June? Please give an update if you can.
  • His response
    3009 was held and did not pass because of the level of hysteria that Defending Utah was able to generate with dishonesty

    I'm corresponding with them for a response. I stmt to a rally sponsored by them and I'm learning and feeling my way through.

    There's so much that does not make sense with the pandemic.
    Why focus on masks and not educate on healthy habits. The science is not conclusive on masks or vaccines. It seems very controlling and Utah, thankfully, is not extreme. I know of friends in other states and countries who have had lockdowns and quarantines and mandates that are utterly ridiculous. Now that we know about how this virus behaves and who it really affects for example the average age of mortality is 80. Why have masks on children and teachers in public schools?
    I wonder if one reason why Utah Isn't So extreme and does allow at least for some freedom of choice in how one responds to the virus that it might be because of people like defending Utah? To me in the video they shared it wasn't so much them telling lies as them asking questions.

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