CALL TO ACTION: Defend a Hero Business that Defended You

Defend a Hero Business Call to Action - Epic


This is an essential requirement for liberty to be preserved.

As many of you know, Defending Utah sponsor Integra Law, has launched a class action lawsuit with the intent to force the government to compensate businesses harmed by the state's illegal actions of shutting down and limiting businesses without due process.  The lawsuit even hit mainstream press!

But now a Utah Business who helped provide key assistance to this effort needs your help.

Kerby Barker of Epic Party Events is a courageous business owner that was willing to speak out about the abuses of our state and local governments regarding the COVID-19 Fake Pandemic and the pending lawsuit against them. Because of these efforts, the Salt Lake Tribune picked up the story and published it. Here is the link: 

As was an expected risk, those who have been programmed to sympathize with the actions of illegal government behavior have activated their followers to retaliate and use intimidation tactics to punish him. Kerby has received been receiving regular, fraudulent 1-star reviews from these haters of free speech.  Clearly, these are dishonest reviews not applicable to his business and this is unjust.

To combat this, we are asking all of you to reach out to your contacts and have them give Kerby's company a review of your own based on your own experience and express any applicable support for his company that you might have. Additionally, if anyone is planning any events as part of the protests against government suspension of our rights, then refer them to Kerby's company and allow him to talk about what happened to him both before and after the story went public.  Let them know Defending Utah sent you.


We must support those businesses that are brave enough to stand up and make their voices heard. All of us have seen how many business owners are afraid of just these types of tactics and refuse to join our fight. To counter these intimidations, we need to fight back and reward those who are brave enough to do the right thing.

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  • Now is the time to stand up against Evil in dark places.  They are the Gadianton of our day and we must rid our country if this evil.
  • I agree with have to stand with them for all of us!!

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