Selling Out Your Freedoms, Businesses at Salt Lake Chamber Want Forced Masks


Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce - What's Going On

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce has come out with a formal statement claiming that the "Business Community Requests a Face Mask Requirement to Combat COVID-19"

Is it true that the business community really wants this?  Does this group really represent Utah businesses?  Let's examine what's really going on here.


We absolutely want to support businesses in the state of Utah to strengthen the economy.  So many hard working businesses have been hit hard by the government's illegal handling of the year 2020 and good businesses deserve our support.

However, it's important to understand that there's a select group of businesses who are not looking out for our community or the honest free market economy.  It is suspect that the loyalty of these businesses is to their influence with their government connections through the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.  Many of them may see their government favors and sweetheart deals as their survival, and not their service to their customers or the people. 

In a real free market economy, the survival instincts of a business naturally lead them to show concern for what the customer wants or else the business will soon fail.  All the resources for long term survival come from happy customers who willingly spend money time and again.  This natural law of the market keeps both customers and businesses happy and is at the foundation of a thriving economy.

Conversely, in an economy where the government has strings controlling businesses, businesses will only first seek the customer's needs as long as the business doesn't have demands from a more powerful survival source: government money or even a government promise to make them essential. This very thing is what takes America's current unconstitutional behavior and earns us the label of fascism, as explained very clearly in the classic documentary Overview of America.

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce has publicly signed 146 power player organizations (mostly businesses) in Utah to call for a state wide violation of the constitution of the state of Utah and the United States.  Their excuse is that it's better to violate one right of the people than to allow the state to violate business' right to commerce in another shut down of the economy. 

It's also important to keep in mind, that the foundation for all of this discussion is a complete fraud anyway for many reasons. #FakePandemic

Here's the highlight of what they all signed on to say: (Full statement here)

"As business and community leaders, we express our heightened concern over increasing COVID-19 infection rates"

"We believe in particular circumstances that private sector efforts must be coupled with reasonable government regulation"

"The Salt Lake Chamber and corporate signatories also support the #MaskUpUtah public awareness campaign through the Utah Hospital Association"

"To move forward safely, our businesses would rather comply with the requirement to wear face masks appropriately than to have to close our doors."


Here are some fundamental problems with their request to the state of Utah.

The biggest lie overall: Business might get shut down.

The truth is that no business ever has to shut down or even modify their operations, as there is no constitutional legal mechanism for shutting down an economy.  Many of these businesses had "essential status" anyway and were protected from the previous illegal shut down, and they do not really have a concern that they will get shut down.  All businesses at all times may legally ignore the health department's threats of fines and shutdowns, because nothing the health department says is a law.  (If you are a business and have questions on how to apply this to yourself, we recommend contacting the Utah Central Committee for assistance)

It is not natural for a business to willingly ask to be regulated, unless they know they've got a way through or around the regulations.  In fact, they may be very aware that their competition will not survive the regulation while they do.  This is how government regulation creates dishonest monopolies.

In conclusion, "we the people" must support honest businesses, but businesses must also support "we the people".

Here is the list of businesses reported to have signed the chamber document.  If you frequent these businesses, feel free to let them know how you feel about their actions.

Arrow Moving & Storage
Ascension St Matthews Church
Big Shot Photo Group
Brigham City Museums
Cash Man Services, LC
Chamber West
Christy Sports, LLC. & Leisure Living, DBA
City Creek Center – Taubman
Clever Octopus Inc
Clyde Companies
Colliers International
Comagine Health
Cooper Williams LLC
Cuisine Unlimited Catering & Special Events
Daw Construction Group
Daybreak Communities
Deseret Management Corporation
Dominion Energy
Downtown Alliance
Draper Area Chamber of Commerce
Durham Jones & Pinegar, PC
Exodus Healthcare Network, PLLC
Ferro Investments
Ford Audio-Video Systems, Inc.
Gaddis Investments
General Distributing Company
Global Access
Gold Cross Ambulance
Goldman Sachs
Gourmandise Group
GSBS Consulting
GTS Development, LLC
Hale Centre Theatre
Hale Center Foundation for the Arts & Education | Hale Center Theater Orem
Hand Candy Tattoo
Harmons Grocery
Harris Financial
Hearth and Hill
Imagine Ballet Theatre
Impact Utah
Intermountain Healthcare
Ivory Homes
JAN-PRO of Utah
Jazz at the Station
Kanab Chamber of Commerce
Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Landmark Testing & Engineering
Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
LD Bowerman Investments LLC
Local First Utah
Lowe Property Group
LUX Catering and Events
Mark Miller Toyota
MarketShare, Inc
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Modern Display Service, Inc.
Music Theatre West
Natural History Museum of Utah
NEXT Ensemble
Nightingale College
Panda Education
Paper Wasp Llc
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Penna Powers
Plan-B Theatre Company
Premier Event Services & Pierpont Place
Preservation Utah
Regence BlueCross BlueShield
Rio Tinto Kennecott Copper
Rocky Mountain Power
Rowland Hall
Salt Lake Acting Company
Salt Lake Chamber
Salt Lake City Corp.
Salt Lake Community College
Salt Lake County
Salt Lake Film Society
Salt Lake Magazine
Seal Coat Supply, Inc.
Smith’s Food & Drug
South Valley Chamber
Squire & Company, PC
St. George Area Chamber of Commerce
St. George Children’s Museum
Staker Parson Materials and Construction a CRH Company
Steward Healthcare
Sundance Institute
Swire Coca-Cola USA
Team Nash
Thanksgiving Point Institute, Inc.
The Children’s Center
The Old House at Center and Main
The Work Activity Center
Titan Specialized Services, Inc
Torrey House Press
Tracy Aviary
United Way of Salt Lake
University of Utah
University of Utah Health Plans
University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics
Utah Association of CPAs
Utah Beverage Association
Utah Business Summit
Utah Chinese Association
Utah Clean Energy
Utah Cultural Alliance
Utah Food Industry Association
Utah Hospital Association
Utah Independent Agents (UIA)
Utah League of Cities and Towns
Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce
Utah Medical Association
Utah Nonprofits Association
Utah Rail Passengers Association
Utah Retail Merchants Association
Utah Symphony | Utah Opera
Utah System of Higher Education
Utah Tourism Industry Association
Utah Transit Authority
Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce
Vidal Consulting Group LLC.
Visit Salt Lake
Waterstone Financial Services
WCF Insurance
Western Nut Company
Westminster College
Willis Works Studio
Women’s Leadership Institute
Woodbury Corporation
World Trade Center Utah
Zions Bank

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  • Wow.

    67,000 people die to drugs per year
    15,000 die by dui
    15,000 are murdered
    10,000 commit suicide

    Yet you submit to seatbelts, drug wars, and militarized police

    130,000 have died from covid in less than a year. People are tired of having the police harass them for non sense when the gov can’t even protect their health.

    As a local business owner, I’m horrified by people like you. Why did I choose to invest in a place where the clients don’t give a damn about my health? You all argue like
    • You speak without any knowledge of the things you talk about.

      Let's cover what you're talking about, and what Defending Utah's positions really are.

      - Seatbelt laws are infringements on liberties. An excuse for revenue generation by police, not safety.
      - Defending Utah has been consistently against the drug war, even the lone voice that told accurate facts about Utah's marijuana initiative increasing the police state and building a government sponsored marijuana monoply, not creating freedom for patients.
      - Defending Utah has been consistently against the militarized police, and uniquely willing to tell the truth in Utah in the media about the details.
      - 130,000 people have not died from covid.  Defending Utah has extensively reported on the fraudulent data gathering process and fraudulent science in a half dozen articles.  Your local business is not at risk in any way from viruses of any kind, your only risk is willingly complying with things that are not even laws and therefore the government ruining your business through your own consent. Neither you nor any business has any duty to comply with the health department shutdown requests.  The health department does not write law.  In fact it's is criminal for them to pretend that it is law. They cannot control your business without due process, and proving you committed a crime.  
    • It's not the government's job to protect your health.  Their job is to protect you from other govts invasion and from terrorism, foreign AND domestic.  States may deciude they want to control other areas a nd we have let them encroach in far too many areas.  
      We are responsible for our own health. Not the govt.  
    • 130K  do you have any 3rd party verification on this?  we need an audit of all numbers because of so much fraud involved
  • The concept of 2nd opinion has disappeared in favor of unilateral mandates . A reasonable two-week “slow the curve” now destructively persists.  Illegal and immoral interference in citizens lives is the New Normal.  The media is irresponsibly sensationalizing coronavirus  data ! Reporting Covid deaths as doubling (one yesterday and today two, ) is an example of fear porn .
  • that's a long list of business that could use our help

    if OSHA regs were enforced employers would have to supply masks that add oxygen as current masks make for unsafe work environment...wonder if we started reporting unsafe work conditions to employers follow up by calls and letters to OSHA if we could level the playing field
  • The problem is we are dealing with decades of successful programming and brainwashing that has turned people into feckless automatons. Yuri Bezmenov warned us about the consequences of this, in that, no matter how much truthful information you give these kind of people, it just doesn't register to them because they have been so demoralized from the programming.

    I'm going to still keep fighting, but we are so outnumbered that the future looks quite grim indeed.
  • I work for Steward health care and will now be telling everyone I work with about this attempted medical tyrany.

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