Help Combat Social Media Censorship

Help Combat Social Media Censorship

Youtube, facebook, twitter, venmo, paypal and others have been banning and attempting to silence alternative sources of information, including myself, for years. It’s time for those interested in the truth to take steps to not need these platforms to exist, starting with social media.

Ben McClintock was just removed from Facebook last week without warning, cause or the ability to appeal.

Alternative social media platforms have arisen in recent years, but none of them really gain the popularity and therefore reach of platforms such as facebook, twitter and Instagram, making the switch over ineffective.

When we started Defending Utah, we recognized we were in no position to compete, financially speaking, with the major media organizations in Utah. We had to come up with guerrilla style media tactics to go around the institutions of KSL, Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, etc. A part of that guerrilla tactic was the use of social media. For years social media was a place that was essentially free to post alternative information, and as long as it didn’t contain foul language, nudity or graphic violence, you were pretty safe from censorship.

This had been gradually changing, but a sharp shift started happening about four years ago when wiki leaks released the “pizza gate” documents exposing key government, business and other insiders as being part of a network of child traffickers. This was the beginning of the popularization of the term “fake news”. “Fact checkers” became a way to quickly silence critics of the official narrative.

There began to be big purges of social media channels with sustained purges of one or two pages regularly, followed by regular spikes.
We still don’t have the financial resources to compete with local globalists like KSL & the Trib, but we can’t depend on social media as a guerrilla style crutch any more. Thankfully we’ve grown to a point where we can reach thousands with a single email, but if we’re ever fully removed from Facebook, this will drop our potential reach exponentially if we don’t grow our off social media reach even larger and do it quickly.

To help us with this, please take these simple steps:

  1. If you aren’t getting our emails right now, scroll down to the bottom of this page (at and sign up for email alerts.
  2. Share this with your liberty-minded friends and urge them to do the same.
  3. Help us reach a larger audience by donating to or by becoming a member of Defending Utah.

Together we can support liberty, fight censorship and build a more free tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. myself was hacked last week by DUTCH RVIM, almost certain.
    reposted a video of australian sky news of 13 oct 2020, about 14 minutes, where 80 percent of the info, was about HOLLAND. and ended with a small note on the sister of Queen, zoraqueta, who was accidented, because she wanted to speak, most likely.
    I was not only banned from yt , but also another window system was on my computer.
    after 10 days , the former window system came back. and two days later, i received an email from yt that my ban was not valid, and the account was working again.

    in the past my comments on yt, were also rejected, and got notes back, saying:
    too long, not permitted to ask people to pass it on , not specific names, and the like.
    probebly it was then in holland, one of my neighbouring, agents, working for the dutch cia. so my conclusion was: it is not yt, but those agents, WHO CENSOR.

  2. You’ve definitely done a lot of good things. Your interview on the Kate Dalley show was great.

    You definitely are knowledge about the Constitution and politics in Utah. Which needs to be shared as local media is just more Fake Media.

    There is power in numbers and the network you have is small at this time.

    The big guys, social media giants, are suppressing freedom of speech for sure. Maybe with Trump this will change somewhat.

    Possibly the use of many other platforms could help somewhat. Maybe getting out on the street engaging people at stores, etc to recruit might help.

    Probably a 1000 different marketing and PR efforts could be made to expand the message and the network.

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