Due to an unpublished video, YouTube has shut down our ability to post new content there for a minimum of 7 days, but is likely to be permanent.The video, soon to be posted on alternative platforms, was simply a round table discussion of a BYU study on “Princess culture” and some COVID data showing that the, so called, “infection” rate among the vaccinated in Israel was skyrocketing.

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  1. You may already be aware, but Peggy Hall has had a couple of videos blocked already on Bit Chute, so I would recommend posting on several video websites if possible: Rumble, MeWe, etc. Also, I understand that you’re helping move Dr. Scott Bradley’s videos onto Bit Chute. I think it would be good that he also posts his videos on several video websites as well. You never know…Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

  2. I can’t watch the above video without tube stopping it if I choose not to allow Tube to track me.
    How can they do that on your private website.

  3. It was nice hearing the truth about the princess culture. I viewed it on Rumble, which I prefer, but good to do other platforms to reach as many as possible. I think you are already aware of the sound issues. I could hear very little of Peggy’s words. My hearing isn’t the best so I need for you to speak directly. I could hear most of Ben’s remarks, and some of the other brother’s words. I always turned on the closed caption on UTube, but that’s probably hard for you to do. But don’t go back to UTube. It is run by a bunch of scumbags who are involved in hu/man traffic king. I look forward to future posts. Thank you for all you do. Keep up your wonderful work. Utah needs to wake up to the scret comb inations which they have allowed to get above them.

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