Defending Utah’s Gubernatorial Candidate Survey Questions

The following questions were sent to all gubernatorial candidates in Utah.  We will report back how any candidate answers the questions, or if they do not answer them at all.

Responses can be sent via email or submitted here on our contact page.

To: Gubernatorial Candidates as registered with the lt. governor’s office as taken from this website:

Tommy Williams (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Brian Smith King (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
J Robert Latham (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Tom Tomeny (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Sylvia Miera Fisk (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Scott Robbins (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
T Carson Jorgensen (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Spencer J. Cox (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Phil Lyman (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)
Charlie Tautuaa (View Public Candidate Filing Submission)

Dear Utah Gubernatorial candidate,

As an organization that endorses no candidates, we wish to report on how any candidate answers the same questions.

The people of Utah, as representatives of our constitutional framework, are interested in these questions in pursuance of understanding your general knowledge and intent to govern Utah according to the constitutional rule of law.

These questions were gathered from real Utahns, and selected by us as the most common or relevant questions that would help Utahns make an educated decision on what matters most.

Answers are hoped to be posted on various Utah websites and there may possibly also be video reports reading and discussing these answers.

Thank you

Defending Utah
On behalf of all concerned Utahns who love this state and this country and support the rule of law under our constitutional framework.

General Utah Gubernatorial Candidate questions:

1. As governor, your constitutional oath gives you the power to enforce the constitution unilaterally within your executive authority if other departments are violating it. Do you understand and accept that the state and federal constitutions are your job description?

2. Can you convince me that you understand the purpose of our constitutions?

3. What would you do if you heard just one citizen of Utah was having their property rights taken without proper due process, and that such action was authorized by legislation?

4. Do you accept the state’s claim to “own all the water” as legitimate or do you accept that all water is owned by whoever has deed to it and lawfully obtained that water from the previous owner?

5. If a law is in conflict with the state constitution, what power do you have to make the effects of the law void?

6. Would you be willing to attend a monthly constitution training course from a well-known doctorate of constitutional studies university teacher as part of your ongoing job training as governor?

7. What will you do about the rampant executive branch abuse of authority of enforcing rules that are not laws, under the color of law?

8. If a local town or an individual chooses to ignore a law, state or federal, because they understand it to violate the constitutions, will you go out of your way to support them?

9. Will you publicly announce that the claims of drought in Utah have been fraudulent and that the great salt lake is not dying, but being used for lithium mining?

10. The Utah constitution’s free market clause is one of the most blatantly ignored sections. Will you take executive action, as authorized by your constitutional oath, to end the use of all public private partnerships in Utah?

11. Will you take action to end the influence of regional governments that are not part of our constitutional framework which act out as if they rule behind-the-scenes, as their actions are often rubber stamped by government authorities?

12. Will you shut down all smart metering in the state, as such widespread surveillance of the people does not come as the result any warrant to gather the vast personal data that is being gathered. And “general warrants” are not constitutional, and was even one of the causes of the American Revolution.

13. Will you end Utah’s support for unconstitutional surveillance by shutting off the water supply to the NSA data center? Such action would arguably be a proper way to nullify federal overreach using the power of your oath of office to defend the citizens of Utah.

14. Will you take unilateral action as authorized by your oath of office to enforce that all Utah law enforcement is accountable if they execute punishment on Utah citizens without due process, such as stealing their property or killing them?


6 Responses

    1. All candidates across the USA should be required to answer questions like these before being elected.

  1. Somebody emailed us and asked:
    “What  are  your  views  on  the  US Senate  and  House  candidates?”

    Our answer:
    “They should all answer the exact same questions, but just think of them in the power of the house or senate offices.”

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