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Lavoy Finicum Talks – Mike Noel, Friend of The Ranchers?

Less than a week before his death, Lavoy Finicum had something important to say about Utah Rep Mike Noel from Kanab. Audio included.

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Salt Lake Tribune Gives Misleading LaVoy Finicum Funeral Attendance Numbers

Mainstream media, intent on undermining the popularity of those working to restore the rule of law and support the Constitution, …

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LaVoy Finicum Warns Against Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Just five days before LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by state and federal agents, he warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing, saying,

“The Federal government loves the American Lands Council. Because, what do they do? They keep it in the legislative arena, they keep it in the judicial arena. They (the feds) like that because they’ll never lose. They’ll just keep stretching it out, they’ll stretch it out for thirty years.”

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Debunking Myth: Churches and 501(c)3

Nullification in Action Series THE BOTTOM LINE Many in the world today are concerned with why certain churches must “tow …

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Murder of a Patriot: The Story is Finally Told

Earlier this year Thara released her book “Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent” telling the story of her father’s murder. It is the story of her father’s murder (assassination), but to tell that story, Thara had to tell so much more.

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Liberty Rising: New Book on State and Feds Murdering a Modern Hero

Defending Utah interviews Thara Tenney on her new book, Liberty Rising, which tells the true story of LaVoy Finicum and his murder by government agents

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Boyd Matheson, Does Hatch’s Big Government Replacement Condemn Bundys?

Sutherland Institutes Boyd Matheson has just thrown his hat in the ring to replace perpetual candidate and staunch stateist, Orrin Hatch. Some are lauding this as a great move to replacing the liberal Hatch with a “principled conservative”. Here are my concerns that I would need answered before I believed he was anything but more of the same:

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Utah Legislature Moves to Remove Power of the Sheriff

New Utah legislation creates a regional police force that subverts the local sheriff

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Crimes of the Bureau of Land Management

Documented details of crimes on video, of the Bureau of Land Management.
Also, hear Lavoy Finicum say “The American Lands Council is the fed’s best friend”

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