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The WHO is Not Taking Over America; Foreign Treaties; Utah Elite Health Takeover

Note: Global Powers operate through local conspiracies. The article explains this point, it is not dismissing the problem, just pointing …

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Debunking Myth: Churches and 501(c)3

Nullification in Action Series THE BOTTOM LINE Many in the world today are concerned with why certain churches must “tow …

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Governors Can’t Issue Mandates

Mandates issued by mayors and governors across the country are getting a lot of press and causing a lot of …

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Why Are Government Mandates So Controversial?

Question: Why Are Government Mandates So Controversial? Answer #1: Comparing past pandemics, there’s a natural and obvious difference in observable …

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No Masks Required In Schools – Here’s the Law

Teachers, parent and students do not have to wear a mask in schools, but they’re being told they do. The first and most correct solution to this mask issue, is to leave the unconstitutional government school system. But, for those who find themselves unable to go this route, we have put together this research for you.

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HR6666 Home Kidnapping, Contact Tracing in Utah, What To Do About It

RECENT UPDATES IN ARTICLE: This is not Click Bait. Read this article carefully. It could change how you live your life to protect your loved ones. The next level of tyranny and illegal government behavior is coming to Utah. The government will remove people from homes and take them to “housing” for quarantine “as needed”.

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In Massive Power Grab, Herbert “Suspends” State Election Law

Thursday March 26th 2020, Governor Gary Herbert issued an executive order unilaterally suspending legislation

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What To Do: Utah Governor Doubles Down on Breaking the Law

What do we do about the latest criminal Order in Utah? Can you really get fined? How can your business …

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Marriage: Governments Sustained Attack Against Religion

Government has used marriage to control religions for hundreds of years. For just one example, for hundreds of years in England all that was required (still government control of marriage over one’s religious views) was that it be performed by an Anglican priest. Then the Marriage Act of 1753 preventing “secret marriages” requiring licenses (government permission) to marry.

Even tough government control of religion through marriage is centuries if not thousands of years old, Utah is the model example here in the United States.

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