Clean Up BYU Petition

Clean up BYU Petition

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If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, please read the article and watch the videos first so that you understand what has brought us to this point.


BYU Drag/Children – Video Report:

Genderless Jesus – Greg Matsen student interview:

If you are as concerned as so many others are, please sign this petition and share far and wide.

Who can sign this?

– BYU Alums? Yes.
– Members of the LDS Faith from around the world? Yes.
– Anyone who pays federal income tax that supports the proclamation on the family? Yes. BYU takes federal money to function, that’s why there’s a Title IX office. (At least for now that’s true, unless they answer this petition and cut federal ties)
– Anyone else at all?  Yes, if you believe in aligning with us on correct principles to defend the family as the fundamental unit of society and in defending children. We’re all on the same team when, together, we support the ideas of the God-ordained family structure, and don’t want to see children exposed to sexual content ANYWHERE. Members of the LDS faith have always welcomed working together with the rest of the world, to combine our light to create good wherever we can.


In a humble spirit of common-consent, and in response to recent events and many years of building up to this point with Brigham Young University; we, the undersigned, do petition and declare the following to BYU and hope the church which funds BYU will take this matter seriously from faithful supporters of the proclamation on the family.

There are thousands of schools in the world where people can celebrate their lifestyles any way they want, and that is their right (as long as children are not being groomed). But at a church school, that is supposed to be a private school separate from the world and that should be a light to the world, things should be different.

  • Teaching, promoting or believing in doctrines that mock the family unit (such as a “genderless Jesus”) by any staff that has influence on our children must become grounds for immediate termination.
  • The Honor Code administrators and staff must do their job and discipline or expel all students, alumni and staff connected to the drag show event that happened in Provo, UT on Sep 3rd, 2022.
  • The only appropriate activities that should be permitted and supported (on this subject matter) are ones that actually help the LGBT community in light of the doctrines of the restored gospel with things like reparative therapy and healing the various traumas that lead to gender confusion, etc. The long term goals should always be in the direction of permanent healing through the atonement of Jesus Christ, not accommodating unhealthy emotions and allowing root causes of these issues to permanently redefine a soul, as if the Atonement means nothing.
  • All groups affiliated with BYU that assist the LGBT community should be given two choices. Either completely disconnect from BYU and be banned from working with the school, or modify their programs in light of this alternate way of thinking. If these steps are not taken seriously, then how can the school continue to claim to be a representative of The Master Healer?
  • Cut off federal funding of any kind so we can abolish Title IX regulations compliance. The church must truly be a private institution and make it’s own choices. Only student tuition, private grants (with no conflicting strings) and church funds should be used to finance BYU.
  • Legal action must be taken against groups who claim affiliation with BYU and use the official BYU logo as their own, if BYU wants to be taken seriously as not condoning or funding certain groups, then they need to cut off the use of their logo and namesake from unofficial groups, and enforce a ban on them using campus resources or real estate for meetings.
  • Make it clear that the Office of Inclusion does NOT include condoning lifestyles contrary to the Proclamation on the Family
  • Disband the BYU Office of Student Success and Inclusion that is located in the Center for Service and Learning (Room 2010 WSC) otherwise known as the Y Serve Office.
    They describe their purpose as helping “Navigate being in the LGBTQ community or experiencing same-sex attraction while at BYU. Join confidential activities to foster friendships.”
    Disbanding this office would remove this job position: SSA/LGBTQ+ Program Counselor
    Currently held by: Blake Fisher
    [email protected]
  • Disband the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences dean position of Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion (an official LGBT resource advertised by BYU)
    Current Assistant Dean of Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion held by: Lita Little Giddins
    [email protected]
  • Disband the group “Reconciling Faith and Sexuality”
    This confidential psychotherapy group offered by BYU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is designed to provide a space for students who identify as LGBTQ+ or who experience same-sex attraction to openly discuss their sexuality and how it intersects with their faith.
  • Remove this branch from the School of Family, Home and Social Sciences (FHSS)
  • If these changes are not made at BYU then the church must immediately stop giving sacred funds to support an institution that has a LONG history of teaching, encouraging, condoning, and fostering principles not in accordance with the gospel and the restored church of Jesus Christ. Not only does this include LGBTQ+ lifestyles, but it also includes Critical Race Theory, anti-LDS propaganda, and a slew of other contrary teachings.
  • All groups to abolish, radically reform, or cut all association from and no longer advertise from BYU official platforms include, but are not limited to, the following that we have identified:
    • Affirmation
    • Affirmation Hawaii
    • Encircle
    • Listen, Learn, Love
    • North Star
    • The OUT Foundation
    • Rainbow Days
    • Color the Campus
    • raYnbow Collective
    • Cougar Pride Center
    • USGA at BYU
    • Faces of USGA

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