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If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you’re sick of tyrants (a.k.a Big Brother) controlling your life and are wondering how to restore the power back to We The People. But you’re also probably tired of joining every “patriot group” wondering who has the ACTUAL solution to this problem. We don’t need fancy new lingo and mountains of affidavits to save our country. We need communities of people (from all walks of life), who are willing to defend each other. This is what our Founding Fathers taught.

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As part of building the solutions, we must first be educated. As you learn more about committees, their value to restoring liberty, and how to organize one in your community, you must first know how your opponent operates. Both these videos will undoubtedly teach you principles and tactics that you will need to know.

Part 1: Regionalism & Shadow Governments

Part 2: Solutions to Tyranny When Voting is Broken (Committees)

The Tried-And-True Method

Long before this country was even a country, brave men and women (who dressed differently, spoke differently, voted differently, thought differently, earned money differently, and prayed differently) all came together under the same banner: freedom from the tyrannical British Crown.

In order to accomplish one massive goal (becoming a free country), small steps had to be taken. Books such as American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence by Pauline Maier, illustrates this long history very well. She lets us hear the voice of the people as revealed in the other “declarations” of 1776: the local resolutions — most of which have gone unnoticed over the past two centuries — that explained, advocated, and justified Independence and undergirded Congress’s work. There were many committees around the colonies who banded together en masse to fight for freedom. This is why we need to bring back committees.

Today, we don’t have the same problem the founders did. There’s no need for a new country, only a need to restore the knowledge of what our country is and to learn how to act accordingly.

“Committees of Safety existed prior to 1692 and were called by various names. The Committee which was created in that year in New York is significant in that it was created by the militia. The colonists were dissatisfied with the government of the Crown headed by Governor Sir Edmund Andros. Recognizing that the military (militia) authority must always be subordinate to the civil authority, and having serious concern over the abusive authority imposed by Andros, the militia of New York created their own civil authority in the form of a Committee of Safety. Representation on the Committee was based upon two delegates being “elected” by the citizenry to represent each community. The delegates gathered and exercised their authority by eventually imprisoning Governor Andros for a period of one year. On and off, many communities, colonies and provinces exercised their right of “self-governance” by establishing Committees as the need arose.”
— County Committee of Safety, Committeeman Handbook, John Darash


American Committees Association – www.Committees.US – Providing accreditation to local committees around the United States.

ACA’s LOCAL COMMITTEE GENERAL GUIDEBOOK: Apply Natural Principles of Liberty and Neutralize Tyranny – For download via the Defending Utah Member’s Portal. (Must be a member to login).

While Defending Utah or American Committees Association (ACA) is not identical in its views and tactics with those of National Liberty Alliance, we have a strong admiration for what they’ve put together on the history of committees. We highly recommend visiting their website at for a deeper dive into the history of committees.

www.UtahCommittee.US – The Utah Central Committee (UCC) is an organized assembly of the people as authorized by our constitutionally protected natural right to assemble. We help the people of the state of Utah have more of the tools and knowledge needed to assert their constitutional rights.


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