Regionalism, High Density Housing, Identifying and Solving the Problem

Regionalism shadow Governments

The following presentation on shadow governments was given on 12/15/22

Part 1 – Solutions to Tyranny Series

Video also available on:



Did you know that today there are two separate systems of government in America?

Our federal system plus another shadow government system that’s not even hiding, it just exists in plain sight.

The tyranny of this shadow system is unopposed simply because of ignorance.

It’s time to push back harder against Agenda 2030! Understand the problem like you never have before and catch the vision of solutions to tyranny.

Are you tired of your activism efforts feeling like they’re getting nowhere?  Have you supported plenty of campaigns but still wonder why little-to-nothing gets better in the big picture?

This presentation was part one of understanding tyranny.  Part two, the deep dive into solutions, is coming in February, reserve your in-person tickets below.

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UPDATE: The below event already happened, and can be seen here: www.Committees.US/SolutionsPart2

Feb 2nd, 2023 – Solutions to Tyranny, When Voting is Broken. Committees and Nature’s Law. You can find out more about how to fix this here.

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  1. The information ” Regionalism & Shadow Government” needs to be taught in Junior and Senior High Schools including colleges. It is critical that more people are aware of what transpires in our local, state and federal government agencies.

    Thank you for your valuable service.

  2. We have a group of people looking into pushing back up in Tremonton. Is there any chance you could come meet with us? This year 3 of the 5 city council seats are open so we are hoping to get people in that will say no to the high density they are pushing.

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