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Liberty Bootcamp

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Liberty Bootcamp is a six class liberty training created by Defending Utah, designed to help you get the fundamentals down.
This is important to get partially caught up with our content and others existing members.

Each lesson is about 1 hour long.

  • Spiritual Foundations of the Constitution (Both LDS and multi-faith perspective)
  • The False Left/Right Political Paradigm
  • The Constitution – Article 1
  • The Constitution – Article 2 through Amendment 10
  • The Kingdom of God (LDS perspective)
  • The Worldwide Conspiracy
  • The Utah Conspiracy
  • Solutions

Important disclaimer on religious content in our training:
(Defending Utah Core Values)

You can skip the LDS specific sections if you are not LDS, however we think you’ll find it useful anyway to learn about Utah’s history and how we got here. The LDS content does not promote the religion itself, but shows the landscape of history of how the Mormons have been taught to defend liberty.

The tradition of the founding fathers is that the “Religion of America” is not tied to one specific faith but is based on universal principles that all religions who believe in a God share. The founders did not establish any kind of religion for America, but they knew that five core fundamental principles were necessary for people to be capable of self-government.  Without these basic tenets or virtues, then men would have “more need of masters” (Benjamin Franklin).

The five points of fundamental religious belief are these:
1. There exists a Creator who made all things that mankind should recognize and worship
2. The Creator has revealed a moral code of behavior for happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.
This code exists in nature itself.
3. The Creator holds mankind responsible for the way they treat each other.

4. All mankind live beyond this life.

5. In the next life mankind are judged for their conduct in this one.

As many of our members are LDS in the state of Utah, a lot of our content mentions historical LDS quotes and inspiration context from the LDS perspective. Our goal is not to speak one church’s doctrine, but to relate our current environment in Utah to the ideas of the founding fathers. The LDS content is intended primarily to provide historical context for Utah in understanding “how we got here” as a territory.  Both LDS and non-LDS will find it valuable in taking effective action in influencing elected representatives and our neighbors in Utah.

In the future we hope to have additional courses and materials to teach the same natural-law based principles from various faith perspectives.

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