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Sellout: Thatcher, Seegmiller, Facial Recognition – Destroyed Your 4th Amendment

Liberty and the True Meaning of Thanksgiving

EVENT! Shadow Government: Regionalism and High Density Housing (12/15/22)

New Book! Utah’s Secret Combinations 2022 Edition

Red Pill Expo, Act Today.

Op Ed: Lee? McMullin? Anyone?!

History of the Deseret Flag / The Kingdom of God Flag

A Democracy? If You Can Keep It. Save Our Elections.

Cache Valley Prop 1 – Agenda 21 Land Grab

Restore the Caucus – Take Action, Elections. SB54 is Still Hurting

PayPal Globalists Scared of You

The Evil Genius You Never Heard of who Changed Your Life

The Fauci Facade & What Happened to Dr. Scott Bradley

End of Cash? Stop Digital Currency Tyranny. Take Action

Red Pill Expo Coming to Utah!

Defending Utah talks the Utah Deep State on We ARE the People Radio

“Family-Friendly” Drag Shows – CANCELLED!

Shock: BYU linked, Dragshow, Exposing Children, Enough! Take Action

Verifying: The Banker’s Manifesto of 1892

Exploring Utah Voter Fraud, History, Solutions. Elaine Moore, Utah Voter Verification Project

Author Julie Behling, Interview, Book: Beneath Sheep’s Clothing

Opt Out 2022: Your Rights, Religious Exemptions, Vaccines, Masks, Testing

Full Presentations Released – 2022 Summer Health Symposium Speakers

Your Right to Public Records – When Government Wants to Hide

Fight Tyranny
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