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To be effective in our efforts to defend liberty we have to understand “natural law”, or what the Founders call in the Declaration of Independence, “the law of nature and of nature’s God”. If we fail to understand these basic principles, we will be easily caught off guard in supporting programs and causes that actually end up eroding liberty instead of preserving it. The materials in this section break down these principles with easy to understand examples and explanations of these foundational ideas that are true no matter where or when they are discussed.


Man, Freedom and Government, by John Birch Society

This video is the perfect starting point for individuals just beginning their understanding of the principles of liberty. It outlines the principles of natural law, or the proper role of government and what happens when these principles are violated.


Overview of America, by John Birch Society

Overview shows a straightforward explanation of government systems, basic economics, and timeless moral principles. Because of following them, America became the most unique and prosperous country in history.


The Law of Liberty, by Defending Utah

What is Freedom? This short film by Defending Utah gets you started on answering this question.


God’s Hand in Our Nation’s History, by Ezra Taft Benson

Given at BYU March 28, 1976. “The destiny of America was divinely decreed. The events which established our great nation were foreknown to God and revealed to prophets of old. As in an enacted drama, the players who came on the scene were rehearsed and selected for their parts. Their talents, abilities, capacities, and weaknesses were known before they were born.”

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Property Rights, by Dr. Angus McIntosh (112 min.)

Dr. McIntosh received his PhD from New Mexico State University, worked for the US Forest Service and discovered that much of what the US Government tells ranchers, in an effort to get them to give up their rights, just wasn’t true. He has been called as an expert court witness in his field in addition to lecturing and assisting ranchers in defending their property rights. In this presentation, Dr. McIntosh explains the corruption and what land owners can do to restore lost property rights.

Are Christians Supposed to Obey “the Law”?

A common misconception amongst many Christian sects is the idea that Romans 13 or the 12th Article of Faith require us to obey the government, even if it is violating our God given rights. This video uses scripture, history and logic to debunk this wide spread misconception.

Medicine Leads the Way

Robert Welch explains how socialized medicine is the sure sign of coming tyranny.

This is a two part audio series, download each part at these links: Part 1 | Part 2 


Utah Medical Care Bill of Rights Act

It is past time that the inalienable rights protected in the Bill of Rights be applied to all aspects of law, especially in respects to something as sacred as the government stealing people’s children. Allowing these violations of due process has allowed for a culture of abuse in CPS. We have collaborated with constitutional scholars and legal experts to make reasonable adjustments to Utah code that strikes the balance the Founders made in protecting the rights of the accused as well as those most vulnerable among us.

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