What are practical applications of fulfilling our civic duty? When we engage in specific solutions to restore or maintain liberty, we have to understand what works, what doesn’t work and why.

The issues we face today are like fires, but these are not accidental, it’s important to identify the arsonists.

Whereas traditional solutions (i.e. voting, running for office, lobbying, holding rallies, petitions, etc.) are akin to fighting fires, Defending Utah is building upon a principled foundation to also identify and stop the arsonsists. We do this through a means of education, changing the culture, committees, member trainings, nullification, and more.

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Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

It is unusual to find in recorded history a nation of people who enjoyed the privilege of self-government. It is even more rare to find a nation who possessed this right along with the gospel of Christ. The gospel teachings provide an understanding of the proper function of government, which lays an extremely important political duty upon those who have these teachings. When a nation of people who have had the power of government placed in their hands become evil and without conscience, they will use that power to plunder and enslave one another until individual freedom is destroyed. It is a truism taught by the sages and prophets and proved repeatedly in the history of nations that wickedness and liberty cannot exist side by side. This book was recommended by Ezra Taft Benson in April 1972 LDS General Conference.

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Understanding False Opposition – Pincer Strategy and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, by Defending Utah

As you study liberty and the Constitution, you start to see how those in government are violating these principles, and it begins to become obvious that it’s not on accident. This presentation lays out the key principle of false opposition, a strategy used to deceive lovers of liberty into actually helping to destroy liberty. Without this key to the puzzle, it is difficult to impossible to be effective in your activism efforts.

Solutions, by Defending Utah

So you’re already spent many hours reviewing the rest of the content in this learn section, you’ve taken the liberty bootcamp, and you’re anxious to complete your training and be a force for good in the world?

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