The Constitution

The Constitution, when followed, has proven to be the tool needed to keep government and check and a vital tool to ensure government is contained to its sole role of protecting our God given rights. The tools below are great tools to help us better grasp the principles of the Constitution to better keep our government within its bounds.


The Making of America, by W. Cleon Skousen

For many years in the United States, there has been a gradual drifting away from the Founding Fathers’ original success formula. This has resulted in some of their most unique contributions for a free and prosperous society becoming lost or misunderstood. Therefore, there has been a need to review the history and development of the making of America in order to recapture the brilliant precepts which made Americans the first free people in modern times. The Making of America provides a wealth of material on the Founding Father’s intentions when drafting the American Constitution. It is one of the most thorough compilations of statements by the Framers relating to constitutional interpretation, and addresses the Constitution clause by clause — providing resources on the Founder’s intent of each clause.

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The Constitution—A Heavenly Banner, by Ezra Taft Benson

Given at BYU Sep 16, 1986. “To understand the significance of the Constitution, we must first understand some basic, eternal principles. These principles have their beginning in the premortal councils of heaven.”

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Prophets and the Constitution, by Defending Utah

What have ancient and modern prophets said about the Constitution, threats it faces and our duty to it, and the principles the document espouses? Their unified voice helps as a guide through the tumultuous times we find ourselves in and provide us with principles that can direct us no matter the circumstances we face. Defending Utah presents a new documentary helping people from all faiths, but especially those that consider themselves “latter-day saints”, come together on common principles to help better understand and implement principles of good government no matter their political background or ideology. Watch the full presentation online:


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