Defend Utah’s Heroes Petition, Declaration and Ratification

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Real Utah Heros Doctor

True heroes who risked their own safety unselfishly for others now need you to stand with them.

This is our chance to let corrupt politicians and philanthropists know that the people of Utah will stand for truth in defense of our way of life and the rule of law and that we will take our power back. When people sacrifice for the liberty of us all, it is our duty to show support for them. More people will stand when everyone knows that the community will have each other’s backs when we all do the right thing.

ABC4 Reported “The defendants are scheduled for their initial appearance in court on Jan. 26 at 2 p.m.” We only have a short time to act before that date. We’ll also want to keep the pressure on even after that date.

Here are your action items:

1. Donate to help Dr. Kirk Moore and the other defendants Kris, Sandra, and Kari! (GiveSendGo campaign)

2. Please read our full report here on the story of Utah’s greatest heroes in recent times for the background

3. Please read the declaration below (keep scrolling down the page) and sign your name in support of Utah’s Real Heroes. The founding fathers signed their lives, fortunes and sacred honors in defense of truth and now we can all follow in their footsteps in a small way but with big impact.

4. Are you a leader? Consult with your business, association, church, city, county, etc. and decide to sign on behalf of your entire organization. Contact the Utah Central Committee or Defending Utah to declare that your organization will ratify this declaration. A list of ratifying organizations will be published to show that the people are behind Utah’s heroes.

5. Download a copy of this declaration in PDF form and distribute it everywhere you can.  Share it with neighbors, post it in your business or church where you have permission, post it publicly as a service to inform the public on street corners, bulletin boards, telephone poles, etc.

6. Ask your sheriff or elected officials at any level to ratify this declaration — let’s find out where politicians truly stand.

7. Contact the following offices to share your opinions with them, as you see appropriate, regarding this declaration. You may want to respectfully but firmly insist that they comply with the declaration of amnesty and withdraw all charges. The doctor’s actions were self defense in nature on behalf of all of us, and their prosecution is attacking our right to self defense as a people.

Attorneys for the United States of America
TRINA A. HIGGINS, United States Attorney (#7349)
TODD C. BOUTON, Assistant United States Attorney (#17800)
Office of the United States Attorney
111 South Main Street, Suite 1800
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-2176
Telephone: (801) 524-5682

The Office of Gov. Spencer J. Cox
350 N. State Street, Suite 200
P.O. Box 142220
Salt Lake City, UT  84114-2220
Phone: 801-538-1000
Toll Free: 800-705-2464
Website contact

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Phone (385) 468-9898
Website contact

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Declaration of Amnesty for
Heroes at Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah
by The People of Utah

We, The People of the State of Utah, under the authority of the consent-of-the-governed affirmed by the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and Utah State Constitution hereby declare amnesty for four defendants, and all involved both known and unknown, (“Heroes of Utah”) under attack by the federal government on charges which are alleged to be criminal but in truth are heroic in nature. If the allegations are true, then defendants went above and beyond the call of human decency to protect thousands of Americans from a ruthless conspiratorial assault on all our lives. When a cold war that hides truth is waged on the health and lives of the American people, all actions to defend the American people from said threat are an act of heroism, and nothing less. The only criminal actions are by those who try to hide their own conspiracy against the American people by filing frivolous charges against Heroes of Utah. Heroes of Utah represent all Utahns and Americans who wished they’d have had the same courage.  An act against them is an act against us all.

In defense of the rule of law and for the protection of Utah and the United States, The People will stand by this and further demand that federal prosecutors withdraw all charges and further demand that the State of Utah at all levels refuse to cooperate with federal actions against defendants, and The People demand that sheriffs and Utah law enforcement at all levels warn and arrest, if warnings are not acknowledged, any actors acting on behalf of the federal government in pursuance of these charges alleged against Heroes of Utah. For the state of Utah to maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the people as a force which protects the rights of Utahns (as the proper role of government demands), this declaration must be acknowledged as valid.

WHEREAS, defendants PLASTIC SURGERY INSTITUTE OF UTAH, INC.; MICHAEL KIRK MOORE JR.; KARI DEE BURGOYNE; KRISTIN JACKSON ANDERSEN; AND SANDRA FLORES were indicted on federal charges on January 11th, 2023, with mention of all involved both known and unknown (“Heroes of Utah”)

WHEREAS, the indictment’s claim of financial benefit, where money was allegedly “required”, is false.

WHEREAS, when an individual is faced with a criminal threat, that individual has a right to defend himself, likewise when a population is faced with a criminal threat that population has a right to defend itself, working together. When life threatening fraud is already being perpetrated, it is not fraud to strategically defend people’s lives from such a criminal threat.

WHEREAS, medical doctors take a Hippocratic oath to do no harm to their patients, and as such an oath is a contract with all patients and with their God who they take their oath under, it is of higher jurisdiction than any government.

WHEREAS, the Utah Constitution states “Frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights” (Art 1 Sec 27) and when governments threaten individual rights, an appeal to such fundamental principles is a constitutionally protected path of remedy.

WHEREAS, the Utah Constitution states “All political power is inherent in the people; and all free governments are founded on their authority for their equal protection and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform their government as the public welfare may require” (Art 1 Sec 2), and the US Declaration of Independence states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter it … as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness”, and as declared by The People on Sep 12th, 2020 the state of Utah’s governing actions had become destructive of the people’s rights and well-being during an alleged emergency that was sustained under false pretenses, thus this false emergency was a fraud against The People of Utah and emergency powers were improperly used and therefore rendered invalid.

WHEREAS, many details of the fraud of 2020 have become commonly-held knowledge, including many high-profile admissions at various times and places that the vaccines do not protect people; the rhetoric of “Safe and Effective” as religious dogma was fraudulently pushed to imply scientific fact. This indictment against Heroes of Utah attempts to further perpetrate this fraud on The People of Utah.

WHEREAS, all government, including the US Attorneys filing charges, are empowered only to act on behalf of the people, and the people do not consent to these charges.

WHEREAS, Heroes of Utah acted with the highest of moral standards by truly protecting children in seeing that they only received saline instead of a life-threatening poisonous injection.

THEREFORE, The People of Utah declare amnesty for the Heroes of Utah on these charges and all future charges that are clearly related to these existing charges.

THEREFORE, The People of Utah demand federal agencies and attorneys withdraw all actions against Heroes of Utah, never to harass them again on this matter, nor to seek retribution by inventing new charges made to simply appear to be unrelated.

THEREFORE, The People of Utah demand that the State of Utah and all subdivisions, affiliations, etc. refuse to cooperate with federal actions against Heroes of Utah and proactively arrest actors that refuse to cease and desist and continue to harass Heroes of Utah.

THEREFORE, The People wish the State of Utah to act for the benefit of all Utahns through defending the Heroes of Utah and we declare that in order to improve a belief in the legitimacy of the State of Utah, that Utah must act on behalf of the rights of Utahns.

Personally Ratify the Declaration of Amnesty -

Note: If you’re not from Utah, you may still sign in support.  But only those with a Utah zip code will be included as part of formal ratification

* Utah residents must include zip code to officially sign.
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