What is the Buckshot Caucus?

Defending Utah has been leading the exposure of one of Utah's establishment swamp organizations, the Buckshot Caucus for over two years now and it has finally hit the mainstream media.

You can get caught up with it all in these links:

For the most detailed documentation, pick up your copy of Utah's Secret Combinations Booklet: http://www.defendingutah.org/store


Fake Email Sent Out By Utah Political Elites https://youtu.be/lMCDCRH2S04

Utah Secret Societies Exposed - Defending Utah on the Kate Daley Show https://youtu.be/CcFFhfDv65E

The Utah Illuminati Take Over of the Utah GOP https://youtu.be/2DeSxgkjPFk

Buckshot tries to commit extortion? https://www.facebook.com/davidjonathanbateman/videos/10155514089347648/




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