UPDATED: Gun Confiscation in Utah County!


Sources close to the investigation are saying that “Dayton” doesn’t actually want to press charges but that American Fork Police are holding his feet to the fire, telling “Dayton” that if he doesn’t press charges, American Fork Police will charge “Dayton” with breaking and entering.



Defending Utah heard from Marks wife and this is how she tells how the arrest went down and the additional charges being filed against Mr. Byrge, “(Mark) is in utah county jail at $101,000 cash only bail. Our house was surrounded by major task force swat team. There were I would guess 30 or 40 guys with major guns surrounding our home and the entire block was evacuated. They took mark into custody with no incident and then served a warrant and for almost 2 hours searched our home. They are charging him with aggrivated kidnapping against a guy that tried to break into OUR home threatening harm. They are charging him with having firearms in the house for a restricted person. Mark is NOT restricted for firearms, so I dont know where that is even coming from. And then disorderly conduct and other bullsh** charges. He is facing some serious jail possible prison time. AF police know they screwed up by violating his civil rights and ada rights. They have purgered themselves over that whole incident and they are setting mark up to look like this horrible out of control dangerous guy to get themselves out of the spotlight. Channel 4 news did get the interview completed before the raid.”

Defending Utah cannot find any stories from Channel 4 on Mr. Byrges case.


UPDATE 7/22/14  12:00am Mark Byrge has become a political prisoner of Utah County for standing up against corruption!   Monday July 21, Mark was charged with “aggravated kidnapping” and booked into county jail.  Defending Utah has also learned that there was a SWAT style raid of Mr. Byrge’s home.   More updates as they become available.

AMERICAN FORK, UT- Defending Utah recently interviewed Mark Byrge about the events surrounding the evening of June 8, 2014.

Mark Byrge of American Fork, UT sent a text to a friend he had lent money to in an attempt find out when he might be able to get some much needed money.  You see, he hasn’t been able to work since an incident in 2012 with American Fork police left him crippled. Instead of getting a text from his friend, he gets a message from someone only known as “Dayton” challenging him to a fight at a near by park, to which Mr. Byrge refused.

Mr. Byrge had a feeling it wasn’t the last he’d heard of “Dayton” and he was right.  At around 10 pm Mark hears the revving of a truck outside his door and goes to see what is going on, when he is charged at by Dayton and brought to the ground.

Providentially, Mark was armed at the time and was able to visually (at first) knock some sense into his attacker.  Dayton (seeing Marks gun) quickly got off Mark and Mark exercised his right to protect his family and told Dayton to get in the house until the police arrived, when Dayton charges for Marks wife. In defense of his family, Mark hits Dayton to stop him from harming Mrs. Byrge until the police could arrive.

Then things really get strange.

When the police arrive, they take Dayton to the hospital for his injuries, they don’t allow Mr. Byrge to call a tow truck to get his attackers vehicle off his property, then give the attacker a ride back to Mr. Byrge’s home so he can get his car and drive home without any charges being filed against him.

While his attacker was at the hospital, American Fork police confiscate Mr. Byrge’s (a law abiding citizen) handgun.  Mr Byrge gave them the gun, which had been put away into his locked safe before the police arrived. “I always keep my gun in a safe place”.  The following day when Mr Byrge called American Fork police to see when he could get his gun back, he couldn’t get answers. They weren’t charging him with a crime, after all Mr. Byrge hadn’t committed any crime, he didn’t even fire the weapon (which he could have legally done in defense of his family).  When answers weren’t forthcoming,

Mr. Byrge wasn’t getting any help from those people whom have the specific task of helping him, so he went to the next level and on June 15th contacted Utah county Sheriff, Jim Tracy. Sheriff Tracy assured Mr. Byrge he would look into it but as of June 28th Mr. Byrge hadn’t heard anything back from the Sheriff after repeated phone calls.  Defending Utah contacted Sheriff Tracy on Monday June 30th for comment.  Sheriff Tracy said the investigation should be completed by the end of this week to see why Mr. Byrge had his weapon confiscated and why American Fork Police won’t comment or tell Mr. Byrge how to get his gun returned to him.  Defending Utah left several messages with American Fork Police but have yet to receive a response.

If Mr. Byrge can have his gun confiscated by police, anyone can.  It is a travesty that someone, who has a clear need to defend themselves, would be deprived of the right to protect their family.



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