Utah Establishment Allows You To Choose Prison Location... As Long as It's Not in Draper

Utah's establishment didn't like you voicing, overwhelmingly, that you don't want the prison moved.  In a recent KNRS poll, the public was given the option of choosing a location they prefer for the relocation of the state prison currently located in Draper.  They were also given the option to keep the prison in Draper... until it got too popular.

As you can see in the screen shots below (one with the original poll and the other showing the revised poll) once it became obvious that the people responding overwhelmingly didn't want the prison moved, the propaganda machine went into action and offered you the choices THEY wanted you to have. The illusion of choice is essential in any effective dictatorship, for as soon as you know you have no choice, you just might start to rebel.
Draper Prison Relocation Poll

Senate President, Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, (who is very close with those at KNRS) is poised to profit heavily from this prison move. Is KNRS helping shape the debate by presenting the conclusions those running the state want us to chose from?  Are they helping to facilitate a huge profit windfall at tax payer expense and will they benefit from shaping the propaganda?

One thing is for certain, controlled opposition is alive and well in Utah and we would do well to beware and not take anything in any media outlet seriously. 

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