Students see insanity of “furries”; Why can’t Adult school administrators?


ABC news reported, “Students walk out of Utah middle school to protest ‘furries’”

We care about humanity. We care about truth and reality more than feelings. It is not that we are being mean or rude; it is because we know the destructive power of denying reality and truth. We understand that denying reality with biology and science will have disastrous effects on the present and our future posterity of America.

“Any refusal to recognize reality, for any reason whatever, has disastrous consequences.”

— Ayn Rand

We understand people might be trying to avoid who they are because they lack a sense of purpose. As we run from reality, we face more pain, which will snowball and return with vengeance.

“The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain.”

— Gabor Maté

We can’t deny truth or reality. We can only allow self-deception to remove us from the truth. The further away from reality, the more problems we will face as individuals and communities at large.

“We can never control truth. We can only control ourselves to be deceptive, and deny being aware of the truth.”

— Lorraine Nilon

We stand with the students who organized and stood up for truth in the days of deception. We call the students True Defenders of Utah as they defend truth and their message of reality and not imagination.





4 Responses

  1. I was really surprised by the denials by the adults that it was a problem. Total refusal to accept it, calling the students complaining about it liars.

  2. These students should be applauded. There is a solution. Animals are not allowed at school so send them home to be schooled. Also, if the furries are assaulting kids then fine the parents $5000 for each incident. Both the parents and the furries should get phsychiatric help.

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