May Events & Meetings: Modern Political Scoundrels!! (May 6 – 10)

Modern Political Scoundrels!! On May 10th we will review article 5, and discuss the controversies. We will discuss when we should use article 5 and when we should not use it.  Understanding the difference is key to the current debate.

We must not remain ignorant or our ignorance will be used against us.

Come support the work of liberty and learn things you never knew before!

May Event Schedule:

Monday May 6th – Members Only Meeting

To get the Monday meeting invite link on the day of the event, sign up as a member here:

Tuesday May 7th – National American Committees Association (ACA) meeting.

Two options to get the Tuesday meeting invite link.
1. Sign up as a member here:
2. Or you can request a separate invite to the Tuesday meeting by sending a message here:
(Prerequisite, order your committee book at or download from the members portal)

Friday Apr 5thModern Political Scoundrels and Article 5 (Article 5)

Learn and network with like-minded folks!

In-person attendance is free. Online link available.

To sign up for the Friday meetings, register here:


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May 10th - Constitution Bootcamp

Article 5 - Breaking down what it says, and when we should ACTUALLY use it. Learn it, to defend it.

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