What do the Olympics and Surveillance Have in Common?



If you have been following my blog posts for Defending Utah then you know I am greatly worried about the surveillance state being built around us.

Something people may not be aware of, but which was and is fundamental to the surveillance state.


As you may have read in a blog from Utah Freedom Coalition (UFC) is that there’s a targeted operation to take apart our once amazing independent culture and replace it with a compliant, subservient population.

The Olympics were used to usher in a total surveillance state. It appears a think tank was created specifically to help push this along.  Don’t take my word for it, or even a conservative viewpoint. Here is Rocky Anderson, a Democrat, pointing out just how bad this was.

This website is still up to this day. I highly recommend you go look at it.

UFC pointed to a surveillance document. I took the time to read the 60 pages and by the end I was furious. This of course was about the 2002 Olympics but please keep in mind Utah is hurtling towards 2034 for the Olympics. We should NOT be promoting this. It is not for the good of Utah.

They have even gone so far as to pull out a monument from 2002 and dump it at the SLC airport in a show of force for the 2034 Olympics.  To make matters worse they have hinted at rolling out Mitt Romney to help push this project over the finish line.

Back to 2002- The below is a screenshot of the document I mention above:

Source: Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN) https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/tr/pdf/ADA456916.pdf

Above is the abstract about the paper. I’m going to just break some of this down.

  1. They call it a public safety system. I want to point this out because I’m seeing a lot of very bad things being done under the guise of “public health.” That term should cause you to look deeper. It may be harmless but often it’s being used to carry out some pretty awful autonomy and privacy violations. Something you all may find interesting as well, former governor Mike Leavitt was given the first and only (at that time) award given to a foreign official for public health from China.
  2. This is after 911. They used that tragic event to push a totally invasive surveillance system in Utah via the mantra of “safety” for the Winter Olympics. They also pulled an “Anthrax” scare in Utah.
  3. It appears that Utah created a “world-class communication system.” Please remember Utah houses a MASSIVE NSA datacenter, along with meta (Facebook) and some others.
  4. They used this “blueprint” to form Utah’s Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN). This is all without the consent of the people, just to be clear.
  5. They then admit this is the NATIONS FIRST STATEWIDE INTEROPERABLE wireless voice and data network. This is EXTREMELY concerning. This is part of the “emergency communication” system via homeland security.
  6. They confirm this system is used daily by Utah “public safety professionals.” Including

Below please note that former governor Mike Leavitt was a key figure in all of this. Also please note the date mentioned below – 1993. If you have read my SmartUtah blogs you know that this is the same year Leavitt and some democrat governors start to get the digital takeover twinkle in their eye. Right after the United Nations Rio SDG Agenda 21 meeting; I’m sure there is no coincidence there.

He is also the same person who helped to create the Oquirrh Institute think tank I mentioned in an earlier blog.

Now may be a good time to remind you about the abuse by the alphabet mafia in Utah. While you may like Craig Robertson or not, agree that he should have been arrested or not, most decent human beings agree blowing away an elderly man who can’t walk without a cane in his home and then dumping his corpse on the sidewalk for hours is absolutely not acceptable. So, forgive us Utahns if we don’t love the idea of having the “police state” all up in our business without our consent. Was knocking on the door not an option? Or walking up to an old, crippled man while he’s getting his mail?


Okay off my soap box for a moment. In the document they openly admit this is a coordinated and cooperative effort of Utah public safety commission Robert L. Flowers and the Utah Olympic Public Safety Commission (UOPSC), and that “Utah has made significant advances in communications, intelligence gathering and analysis…” Even better the same guy, Mr. Flowers continued gathering intelligence by creating the Utah Criminal Intelligence Center (UCIC) and it works with Utah’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

Please keep in mind what the Biden regime considers “domestic terrorism” and then ask yourself if you think this was a good change for Utah, or if it is a violation of your 1st, 4th and 5th amendment rights.

I want to highlight below specifically where they say, “doors to virtually every community in the state had been opened to Utah’s homeland security effort.” Please really take that into consideration, understand the gravity and reach of such a program.

Source mentioned at beginning- US Naval Document

I also want to take a minute to remind everyone reading this article that UDOT is a public private partnership. They are NOT beholden to the people, yet they hold so much power that even cities and counties submit to their whims.

As you can see from the above clip, they acknowledge that the UCAN is a “quasi government entity.” Do you think this is representative government? What is even more interesting is they talk about the state and UCANs deteriorating relationship. What do you think has happened to UCAN? It turned into an “authority,” UCA. Utah has a MASSIVE problem with creating new forms of government, ones that are not constitutional. These authorities have been created as quasi government entities and PPPs to circumvent the people.

So why is Utah so determined to get the 2034 Olympics here? Well below are some pieces to help clarify the obvious reason:

Source: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2024/1/1/24003162/2034-olympic-winter-games-salt-lake-utah-ioc-mitt-romney

It’s part of the United Nations SDG (sustainable development goals) Agenda 2021/2030 push. If you need confirmation, please see below from the United Nations.

Source: https://olympics.com/ioc/sustainability/climate and https://www.un.org/development/desa/dspd/2022/02/addressing-climate-change-through-sport/

So how do you get Utah to accept this, or possibly a better description is how do you FORCE Utah into compliance?

You propagandize the people with how amazing this will be, how much money they stand to make (I suggest you look at what happened to taxpayers and businesses after the 2002 Olympics) You have the state sign contracts and make agreements too big to get out of. You pull another 2002 dismantle Utah operation. Which is all taking place currently. They are literally passing laws to stick the people with the bill. Not to mention the new stadium bills that everyone on both sides of the aisle hates. Do you think those stadiums are going to be used for the Olympics and built just in time for them? Oh, you betcha.

Please read the above screenshot closely. This is from the Oquirrh Institute. What they are talking about is centralization and merging of public-private organizations to form PPPs that will control, promote and enforce surveillance.

The above are very concerning, especially the dates given. In 2004 an audit included the review of approximately $55.6 million dollars awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the state of Utha.

Something even more concerning to ask yourself is what would Utah be put on display for? Since Utah is the cradle of the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) their words not ours, what do you think that could look like?

Well, again I will remind you about the SmartUTAH blog series I wrote, and in particular the last one. Utah is looking like the data hub of the world and the vessel chosen to carry out SDG 18 (the hidden one) which is space. It will likely be some transhumansim (machine and human merging) data centered AI agenda.

I suspect it will be used to push a “futuristic” city/state example on the world. It will walk the world through how a little conservative, family focused, freedom loving, independent “western way,” people got converted into the elites idea of the “perfect” “innovative” “modern” technology hub.

I suspect it will be putting the utter destruction of Utah on full display for the world. Essentially we will be the borg, assimilate or face anhilation.

So I ask you all to start really asking questions about the Olympics and what benefits, if any, would really accrue for Utah? What future do you want for Utah? Do you like what’s happened to Utah since 2002? Do you think Utah has gone in a good direction or bad, or neutral?

The biggest thing I will ask of you all though is this: Please DEMAND the removal of the surveillance state, then push to get these data centers moved out of Utah, and to hold strong and fast to refusal of anymore “authorities” or subversion of the constitutional republic form of government we are meant to have.

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  1. Well, I suppose we can all be glad that God is just and will damn everyone to hell who is laboring for Satan’s political agenda of depopulation and enslavement (UN/WEF plan), including lots of Latter-day Saints.

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