Gun Confiscation in Provo?

It seems that the government only goes after gun owners that use their weapons to defend themselves, their property and their family. If you use your guns for hunting, all is well.  However, as soon as you start using it to defend your loved ones, watch out!     

It appears Provo is no exception to this rule.  In defense of Google, Provo is working to disarm at least one resident who was trying to defend his family from unwelcome trespassers. 

This isn't the first time Utah county has been involved in gun confiscation against those defending their home and family. Check out our past report here and here   If you would like to help with Ray's legal funds, you can donate here 

Check out the whole story in the YouTube clip below from our radio show 29 Oct 2015 on KTKK 630AM.  Listen in every Thursday 10am -noon.  


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