Best Friends Animal Society: Saving Animals or Satanic Church

Often we hear about charities paying their CEO millions of dollars, or other charities pocketing all of the money themselves.  Have you ever heard of a major charity actually being a front for a satanic church?

With first hand witness accounts and documented history, we uncover the truth of the Best Friends Animal Society.

You can also view their public tax return here

Best friends animal society taxes.pdf (542.50 kb)

Business registration documenting name change can be found here.




2 Responses

  1. Do you have any more documentation…the more damning the better…on Best Friends Animal Society because I have an elderly friend who is planning to leave her entire estate to them and it is a considerable one. I don’t think she has any idea of who these people are and I’d like all the ammo I can get before I break the news to her that this is NOT a charity you want to support much less give your entire estate’s worth to. I’ve already been looking at other collaborating sources to my dismay before I came across your talk this evening- Thank you!

    1. The business registration documents alone, are pretty conclusive as to what they were, and how they changed to cover it up over time. Once you see that, much of the circumstantial evidence and eye witness testimony just solidifies the story.

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