New Petition to Oppose the United Nations Started in Utah

In conjunction with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) conference in Salt Lake City Aug 26-27th 2019, a new website collecting signatures opposing the UN’s efforts in Utah to destroy American independence has been activated. lays out the goals of the August conference using the words of United Nations insiders to show the UN’s public face isn’t what actually lies beneath the surface. The website utilizes videos, images, links and articles to help readers better understand what Utah really faces with this conference.

Signers of the petition at will join with other Utahns in telling city, county and state leaders that the UN’s agenda is not what they want and that local leaders should oppose any initiatives coming out of the conference.

One fact that points out is that $650,000 dollars of Utah tax funds have gone to the United Nations for event “enhancements”, which loosely translated means, “whatever the UN wants”. Not a single Utah legislator voted against the funding. 

Readers should check regularly between August 26-28th for live updates throughout the conference. You can donate to help increase awareness here




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2 Responses

  1. How can these dirty socialist politicians restrict our rights that our forefathers fought and bled for, and for many of our veterans who fought for freedom this is a slap in our face these UN dirtbags need to be thrown out of this country for the globalist they are and the politicians that welcomed them need to lose their positions and leave the state or better yet our country these are communists in training and we will resist them and we will fight them when the time comes for restricting our freedoms in our own country. This will not be tolerated

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