Who is REALLY Behind the Salt Lake Riots?

Political ideologues on both sides of the fake left/right paradigm are trying to get you to believe a certain narrative about the riots in Salt Lake and around the country. However, Defending Utah is following our motto of thinking right and wrong not right and left. There is more to it than the mainstream media or even stooge alternative media is having you believe.

Defending Utah posted two reports on the subject. The first from Joe Wolverton JD, discussing the historical principles behind the riots and how the masses are being manipulated to fight each other while the real enemy is completely ignored. Due to the help of a gracious volunteer, that video report has been transcribed for you to be able to read and study as well.

The second report uses live footage from the days events to show how the government was a part of and/or helped facilitate the riots. No transcription is available yet of that report.




Defending Utah:  Hey welcome back to defendingutah radio, where we think right and wrong, not right and left.  We’ve got, I think, a really great show for you today because we’re going to be getting into who’s behind all the things going on right now.  Between police brutality, all the riots going on, both sides, and we’re gonna be getting into the principles of who’s been behind both sides since….forever.  And this is getting us in prep for a huge groundbreaking report that you do not want to miss.  You wanna make sure you’re subscribing to this channel.  This is just really gonna blow, I think, the lid off of everything.  But this is laying out the foundation for the things that we’ve discovered, for the recent events that are going on, that are the exact same as the events that have gone on before.  So Joe Wolverton, we’ve had his program on here before, and he is just a great expert in all things: history, the constitution, and liberty and he really did a great job on his videos.  So we’re just mirroring his video over to here so that you have a chance to see these principles, to help us better identify and not fall for the false left/right strategy that, of course, is being played here by the media, by government, by the establishment, etc.

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Hi everybody, Joe Wolverton, teacher of liberty here.  I tell ya, I got to do a video today.  Everybody’s been asking, “Joe, will you do something about what’s going on in the country?”  So I thought I would do that for you.  I’m gonna keep these videos short and it’s your responsibility.  You go out and look at the sources that I reveal to you.

So first, everything that’s happening in our country right now, has happened before in the world.  In fact one of the greatest historians, Polybius, says,  “Any man who could understand cause and effect and will read history, can predict the future of any country…ever.  And in our country, it’s true… if you know the history of Athens.  Some of you guys know Peisistratos.  I’m gonna hit you with the best story you’ve ever heard that will sum up all of this that’s going on in our cities today.  So, one of the biggest cities in history, Athens.  You got my man Peisistratos.  Now Peisistratos, as I told you before, very rich guy, right?  Smooth talker, alright? and before I get into the full story, I want to tell you the sources.  Aristotle, Politics, the book called Politics.  Plutarch, Life of Solon, alright?  You can read and find the whole story there.  Herodotus the History, I love the translation by my man, Tom Holland, a great friend of mine and one of the best people on the ancient world.  So, I’m going to tell you the story what happened.  Solon creates the constitution for Athens.  Solon says, “I’m going away because I want to see if the people of Athens will follow the constitution when I’m not around.”  He leaves.  A man named Peisistratos, the people of Athens divide into three parties:  “men of the hills”, which are the poor people, the people who have no political power at all, have no property.  They live in the hills.  The “men of the coast” who are men who live on the coast, cleverly enough, who live on the coast, and they’ve just achieved some political power, because they become wealthy through trade.  And the final party, the “men of the planes”.  These are the generationally-rich people that traditionally have held all of the political power in Athens.  Alright.

So the men of the hills starting saying, “wait a minute, the men of the coast, they weren’t born into these families, yet now they have political power.”   And the men of the coast say, “yeah, but we have property and you don’t and you shouldn’t have because you’re slaves, and you’ve always been poor and so you don’t deserve power.”  And the men of the hills are like, “yah, but there’s more of us than there are of you.”  Will you notice he’s not talking in all of this, right?   The men of the planes.  They just sit back.  Well along comes Peisistratos.  Born wealthy “man of the planes”, but he appeals to the men of the hills.  He says to them, “You know what?  It’s not right that you don’t have power. It’s not right that you don’t have power.”  The men of the coast taking all the power, they’re no different than you by birth.  They just happen to be people that have made money because of the system, but the system prefers  them.  You guys have been out of power for too long.”  He goes to the men of the coast and says, “Hey guys, here’s the deal.  Those men of the hills? they’ve gone crazy.  They’re getting weapons.  They’re getting geared up to just come down here to Athens, to the city, and just riot.  And they’re like, Ooh, what do we do, Peisistratos?  And Peisistratos says, “I got you.  I will take care of it.  I will talk to them.”  So he is playing the middle.  He’s a rich person.  Think about this ya’ll.  How many times in our history, when people who have felt underrepresented, who have felt disenfranchised, who have felt voiceless? How many times have those riots attacked our modern men of the planes?  Never!  The White House isn’t burning down.  Bill Gates’ house isn’t burning down.  The Governor of California, his house isn’t burning down.  The rich people in Minneapolis, their houses aren’t burning down.  What’s burning?  The houses and businesses owned by the men of the coast.  And the men of the hills have been riled up for so long by politicians like Peisistratos.  Same story, ya’ll!  Twenty four…hundred…years!  Same story.  The rich people get up there, play both sides against the middle and they demand what?  What ends up happening?  Peisistratos takes his boys, goes out of town, cuts himself, cuts his horse, comes back in, tells the men of the coast, “Oh my gosh, look what happened.  They are psycho.  And the men of the coast say, “We need to give you more power.”  So guys, guess what’s gonna happen?  Guess what’s gonna happen at the end of all this? The government is going to assist.  If you give us more power, men of the coast, we’ll keep you safe, and guess what they’re gonna say to the men of the hills?  Guys, if you give us more power we’ll give you more say in politics like you deserve.  But never!  Never now!  Never 2300 years ago and never in 2300 years from now do the property of the men of the planes ever get harmed.  Why?  Jesus Christ himself said it, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”.  Do you understand?  If you have ears to hear, hear.  The men of the planes, some reason, always safe.  Why?  Because they are the ones playing both of us.  The men of the coast, the men of the hills, we’re all getting played by the same guy, alright?  Remember that guys.  When they’re out there rioting, look who’s signing the checks.  George Soros…and many others.  Don’t get me wrong.  But the point is…what?  The men of the planes are always safe and always riling us up.  Look at the celebrities, man.  You put a black box on your Instagram and suddenly you love the poor people?  Rubbish!  You wanna help?  Cut a check.  Don’t put a black box on your Instagram.  Cut a check, rich guy.  But you’re not.  Why?  Because a house divided cannot stand.  Last thing.  I’m gonna tell you about my man, Thomas Gordon.  You ready?  I’m gonna give you a quote.  You know who Thomas Gordon is.  He’s one of the heavy hitters from history.  I’m gonna give you a quote from the man right now, and I know this is gone on longer than it should have, but I care.  I get fired up, ya’ll.  I’m getting fired up.  Cuz we’re hating on the wrong stuff.  You’re hating on the protesters.  You’re in favor of the men of the… and the men of the hills are saying “but the men of the coast deserve this.  They’ve been oppressing us for so many years.” You’re right, but we’re all fighting the wrong people, alright?  Here’s my man Thomas Gordon. You ready?  Here it goes.  “All tumults are in their nature and must be short in duration.  They must soon subside, but tyranny lasts for ages and will go on destroying until at last, it has nothing left to destroy.”  It’s that simple.  Peisistratos, smooth talker.  Riles up the men of the hills.  Scares the men of the coast.  Gets both sides.  Nothing of his is ever bothered.  You see what I’m saying?  Don’t forget the part where he faked the injuries.  Don’t forget the part where he and his boys road out of Athens pretending they were attacked by these people.  Not attacked.  It was just to scare those men of the coast into giving him more power.  And you wait and see, my friends.  The result of all this isn’t going to be any “koombaya peace”.  It’s going to be the government taking more power, because hey, they’re (the people) asking it.  The people want to be safe, right?  I don’t want to be safe.  I wanna be free.  I’ll take care of myself, thank you.  I wanna be free.  Because you know what?  I think someday, some of you are gonna do what’s right and the men of the hills and the men of the coast, we’re gonna realize that we have the same person been playing us for thousands of years, alright?  So, finely, I wish we’d realize one thing, guys.  I wish we cared as much about the property stolen and destroyed every day by the most violent gang of thugs in history, the federal government.  That’s it and I’m out.


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