12th Article of Faith: Must Christians Obey Government?


The first misconception among Christians of all sects is that Romans 13 requires them to obey all government edicts and that resisting government is the same as resisting God.

The second misconception is that the 12th Article of Faith gives a similar idea.


In this special presentation, Defending Utah is joined by Constitutional scholars to discuss the historical and practical application of this idea.

After watching this video, you’re very likely to see the 12th article of faith and Romans 13 different than you’ve ever seen them.


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3 Responses

  1. Wow that was stupid! God has a prophet on the earth we follow the laws of the land until the prophet tells us otherwise. If we become known as law breakers then our mission, the gathering of Israel will be frustrated.

    1. What terrible logic. If gathering Israel is a mission given by God then nothing men think or do can frustrate it. Unless of course you worship a god so small and petty that he can be controlled by men.

      God has told us that if we have to be commanded in everything then we are lazy and slothful servants, good for nothing. Expecting others to tell you what to think doesn’t make you a Latter-day Saint or a Christian. It makes you gum beneath a jackboot.

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