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The first misconception among Christians of all sects is that Romans 13 requires them to obey all government edicts and that resisting government is the same as resisting God.

The second misconception is that the 12th Article of Faith gives a similar idea.


In this special presentation, Defending Utah is joined by Constitutional scholars to discuss the historical and practical application of this idea.

After watching this video, you’re very likely to see the 12th article of faith and Romans 13 different than you’ve ever seen them.


21 Responses

  1. Wow that was stupid! God has a prophet on the earth we follow the laws of the land until the prophet tells us otherwise. If we become known as law breakers then our mission, the gathering of Israel will be frustrated.

    1. What terrible logic. If gathering Israel is a mission given by God then nothing men think or do can frustrate it. Unless of course you worship a god so small and petty that he can be controlled by men.

      God has told us that if we have to be commanded in everything then we are lazy and slothful servants, good for nothing. Expecting others to tell you what to think doesn’t make you a Latter-day Saint or a Christian. It makes you gum beneath a jackboot.

      1. Yep, gum. The Holy Ghost can lead look at Ezekiel 14:9-23 here. The prophet is deceived and now GOD wants us to be HIS people and HE wants to be our GOD directly.

        The days have changed. Look at the pattern in the scriptures.

        1st Temple- corrupt leaders- temple destruction. They had stopped talking for God.

        2nd Temple – corrupt leaders who even killed the very SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. An earthquake and the veil was rent from top to bottom! Then distruction of the temple. They had stopped talking for GOD.

        3rd Temple – now an earthquake has taken the trumpet out of the LDS main temple. Our leaders are conforming to the “GLOBAL” name the unlawful government and the rulers of darkness. They do not speak for GOD anymore!

        They are the church in Revelation 2:18-29 Repent church! Your children are at stake here! Verse 23. The killing of children by the jab will happen if you think HE
        is kidding and you keep following the ones who are following the genocidal maniacs!

        The genocidal maniacs, Bill Gates, UN, GAVI all who the church contributes to!

        The church has chosen their side, clearly.

    2. so how does RMN compare with Paul before King Agrippa or Abinadi before King Noah? “Wise and thoughtful leaders” just does not resonate with me as an inspiring gospel story.

      1. For sure Mark.

        I really like that Shadrach, Meshak and Abendigo was brought up here. The LDS church has bowed down to not even support the free agency of men and women over the medical choice for their bodies. Oaks even ridiculed the members who wanted an excemption saying it was “Silly”.

        Our leaders have taken the name ‘GLOBAL’ upon them in renaming the old Salt Lake Distribution Center as the “GLOBAL CENTER” call them and see. It is a clear message to the EVIL GLOBALISTS that the church is on their side!

        These leaders are telling us to be good “global citizens” the hellish, genocidal maniacs who are trying to run the world. Who are killing and maiming the citizens of the world, lots of them against their own free will (mandates).

        Until the church repents and stops making the church members complacent in upholding the constitution and freedoms even it is against the law of God!

      2. Mark, I cannot seem to reply on the jab site anymore.

        I am wanting to reply to your posts about Nelson not saying anything against the COVID 19 death jab for the children.

        HOW DARE HE SACRAFICE the children to prove his infallibility! That is what he is doing here.

        He is clearly making his choice to stand by genocide of children for his ego! Standing with the GLOBAISTS at all costs!

  2. Do you have transcripts for this video? I would really appreciate it if I could get them. I was asked to give a talk in church and I am thinking of teaching about this.

    1. We do not have transcripts readily available. We would have to create them by listening and typing it out, so our best recommendation is for you to do the same with the section you’re interested in.

  3. I don’t see how governments, which are scams to give an oligarchy the supposed “right” to plunder and murder and commit whoredoms however much they wish and pay no price, could be ordained of God.

    Governments pretend to have the consent of the governed or the best interests of the governed in mind. They always claim this, but it’s never true. You’re never allowed to not consent, so government is slavery. Do what they say or get jailed or shot.

    Latter-day Saints simultaneously believe the Founding Fathers were inspired to rebel against their government and over throw it, but nowadays we must be completely obedient and subservient (i.e. be enslaved) to a much worse government.

    Somehow Christians need to reconcile this contradictory belief – (1) The Founding Fathers were righteous to rebel and kill their wicked rulers, (2) we much obey and not rebel against even more wicked rulers.

    1. You’re right that all governments of the world today, have claimed this tyrannical authority; there’s a history behind how that came to be. Despite this, there was a small window in history where the United States established a government that did not have authority over the people, but instead represented the people in actually defending the rights of the people instead of destroying them. The beliefs that you say which need to be reconciled are in conflict with Christians and Latter-day saints because they have not properly studied their own scriptures on these subjects nor have they properly studied the founding fathers. This is why this film, and others we’ve created, exist, to help dispel one of the problems that is a stumbling block for so many. This is also why we created the liberty boot camp (on the learn section of this website), to start people on the path to understanding the “Original Intent” of the founding fathers. Correct education is the key to destroying this ignorance among the people.

    2. If there had been an LDS Church at the time of the American Revolution, which church was presided over by the current crop, the members would have been required to be loyal to King George III, would have been Loyalists fighting against the Patriots, and upon being defeated by the Patriots, would have sailed back to Mother England, where the Church of England would have likely persecuted the Saints to the ultimate destruction of the nascent church. I have to laugh when members wax poetic in their virtue-signalling praise for the Founding Fathers. Don’t they realize the Founding Fathers would have been excommunicated for their rebellion?

  4. Do not misunderstand me here.

    The very first temple even had the Ark of the Covenant in it. It was a real temple.
    So was the second temple.
    And so was the 3rd temple.


    But because of the leaders’ corruption the blessing was removed and the temples were destroyed.


    1. Or perhaps each temple was a progression through time, each one had a purpose.

      Perhaps something new is coming. The Sign of the Woman in Labor of Revelations 12: 1&2 happened in September 2017. See the lastdaystimeline.com to see that or EzrasEagle.com.

      The Birth of the Kingdom of God

  5. What is wrong with everyone? These issues are of great importance. CRICKETS ???? Is Utah that dead?

  6. When I contemplate the LDS slavish obedience to secular authority, encouraged by that great jurist, Dallin Oaks, I cannot help but think of the Asch Conformity Experiment, wherein 2/3 of the participants actually administered what they understood to be a torturously painful, even lethal, electric shock to a person who appeared to be strapped to an electric chair. Look it up if you want to read about the experiment. I imagine the percentage of Mormons willing to apply the deadly dose would have been even higher than the 2/3 who did so in the experiment.

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