Utah’s Secret Government DAY 1

The governor of Utah has shut down the Capitol to the public, only the ruling class allowed inside.



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  1. Thanks for all your investigative work. Where else would we get this kind of coverage.
    Just chased out of Natures grocery and threatened to be hauled away by the police for not wearing a mask. Just nuts.

    1. We gotta figure out how to join up and organize because that is completely against the law! But its hard to stand up to it just one person at a time.

    2. No, Mr. Quigley, that’s not “just nuts.”
      We should do all we can to prevent the loss of life and great sickness from rampaging the land. If you don’t, you are deliberately putting others at risk of catching COVID-19.
      You and others like you are acting like spoiled children when you practice this kind of radical autonomy.
      It is pro-life to wear a mask, social distance, and avoid all excursions outside the home unless they are truly necessary. And avoid group gatherings and meetings, too!

      1. We don’t belong to your debunked cult. You do you, but don’t force the rest of us to comply with your insanity

  2. Davey Crockett Opposed 2020 Stimulus Bills Over 100 Years Ago

    *In my opinion this principle is true and yet I have to say that being dirt poor these days, we have no choice but to accept the money offered by the government. If I were wealthy I’d send the check back to the government who stole it from the people in the first place. Now in 2021 we await the supposed $600 that the government offers us, while they have given Billions away to the Wealthy (such as Bill Gates, who means us harm), and to Foreign governments who are Not our friends. And President Trump, like Davy Crockett signed this second stimulus bill as well, for a FAKE Pandemic and Economic Disaster that this Government created in the first place. So as I say, if I were wealthy, I’d say to President Trump for both stimulus checks a big NO THANK YOU! However, because we are destitute we have no choice but to accept it. We are destitute because of the wickedness of the people and of the government that they put in power, and the FAKE Pandemic is a Direct result of the wickedness of the people and of their government as well. And Now with the ChiCom puppet known as Joe Biden installed as President through Absolute Fraud, America is Finished as a Free nation! And we have has less than 4 years to either see the return of Jesus Christ; or we will see 1,000 years of darkness before and IF another leader may arise to restore some semblance of Freedom to Humanity IF Humanity can survive at all. And personally I hope that this Jesus Returns Very Fast now. Because I don’t believe, that we as Humans can even survive for 3 ½ years, under our new ChiCom Puppet leader. Either we all will be dead or nothing more than GMO Products, totally unfit to see the creator!
    Steve Nelson

  3. We knew that Cox would be Herbert 2.0, but we may have no idea how far this clown will go.
    Kudos to all those uniformed citizens who have no clue in how to identify a candidate who will support and defend the Constitution…..let alone be Herberts little crony…..you make all our lives so much better for your lack of any intelligence!

    1. One thing is clear, you don’t get in there unless you serve specific persons. You won’t get a liberty-supporting governor who doesn’t repeat all the BS narratives, ever, under our current rigged system because he/she would have to be committed to completely tearing down the system. If someone like that was on the ballot at all it’s 100% guaranteed that they will not be allowed to win.

  4. Have any legislators considered…could it so happen that economic stall out for a small business owner might lead them to cancel internet and/or video service to their phone, etc. so as not to be able to access the legislation in such the way it is pronounced to be accessible?

  5. You guys are right wing radicals with no real idea of how you would enforce the Constitutional originalist paradise that outlaws social programs, including Social Security and Medicare, and highly restrictive, intrusive personal morality laws, not to mention how you would block the liberal opposition politically, socially, and culturally.
    Sounds like you’re implying civil war followed by a theonomistic totalitarian state.
    Gee, isn’t that what you claim to oppose?
    Read The Animal Farm by George Orwell.
    And reference Iran, North Korea, China, and the mother of all massive authoritarian totalitarian super states, Russia and the former USSR.

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