Is HB117 an Attack on Health Freedom?

Dr. Scott N. Bradley and Defending Utah discuss HB117 and rumors circulating what the bill does, comparing the rumors to the language of the bill.

Some are claiming that HB117 codifies vaccination data privacy into law.  The bills sponsor, Raymond Ward (R-Bountiful), has introduced other controversial bills such as “Red Flag” legislation in previous years. This years HB117 opens the door to further implementing Obamacare expansion as we’ve reported on in the past.


6 Responses

  1. Right now there are 80 million disenfranchised voters in the U.S. that feel we the people are not being represented.
    Utah needs a recall law on the books.
    We will get it

    1. How can I help more? How can I find more people that feel the same? I’m in island in the sea and am looking for support.

      1. You’re not alone, they want you to feel that way. There are millions of us. Stand strong, stand for truth, stand for freedom, and be kind. Write/call your legislators.tell them you oppose hb117. Tell your friends and neighbors to do the same thing. A I’m surprised how many people don’t do this. It just takes a min. Our freedom is worth 10 min of time.

      2. I agree most of us feel like islands an I think we need to gather together into specific states and counties so that we can support each other. I am in Salt Lake County, which has been the most corrupt, so I have stopped shopping at the stores here and go to other counties instead, and will be moving as soon as I can. I am considering Utah County, or Millard, or Kane county would be great too. With the corruption at the Utah state level, I am also considering Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Florida. Other states that seem good, but are not an option for my relocation are Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

  2. Exactly Heather, ignorant people around us all believe the virus pandemic is real, so they welcome legislation that requires people to be controlled, such as vaccination to buy anything or go to work.
    As we’ve witnessed, even legislators are either complicit in the tyranny out ignorant to it. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but after the election fraud and all the constitutionally secured rights that have been trampled on with impunity, I won’t give any benefit of the doubt. They have taken the benefits of emoluments and used them against we the people!

  3. Hollie, you are way off base for opposing this bill, hb117. We can only reach herd immunity quickly enough to reduce the risk that the COVID -19 virus will be able to mutate into a variant that’s resistant to all of the current vaccines.
    COVID running rampant will continue to scare people away from patronizing businesses and restaurants, leading to more economic devastation. And many more needless deaths and permanent medical complications, too.
    We need to nudge people into getting vaccinated!

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