Jon Huntsman, Mike Lee & the New World Order

April of 2021, Defending Utah gives an extended edition of the popular presentation “Utah’s Secret Combinations”.

This video is a segment for Defending Utah’s complete presentation found here.

In this segment of the presentation we review the records of Jon Huntsman Jr and his associate Mike Lee.

Since actions speak louder than words it’s important for us to know what they are really doing instead of what their publicists are telling us.


2 Responses

  1. I did a Wikipedia search for Garrit Gong. Seems that he is a full-on globalist. Rhodes Scholar, a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a ” centrist” think tank. I wonder where the US Constitution plays in all of this?

    Thanks for the video.
    I think I am a member of Defending Utah, how can I see the whole video?

  2. I wouldn’t doubt any of this video or the depravity of the men it excoriates (as I have long sensed these men to be evil men, having seen some of their works) except for one point that I find both highly suspicious and questionable as to intent. Here is the problem I have with it, and why I tend to believe it is agenda-driven, only partially true, but propaganda nonetheless: It is hidden behind a paywall.

    If you make a video about the evil of men corrupting our society and working evil to destroy us all, you dont make people pay for it, but for the good of the nation, your neighbors, your own children, and for your country, and even your God, and for all good conscience and good intention, you will expose this evil to all men, openly and freely. The founding fathers didn’t ask us to pay a monthly fee to make the country free, did they? Did that Book of Mormon society of Nephites go extinct because they wanted money to fight for the right and serve a good God?

    What you DON’T do, is hide it behind a payment to enrich yourself. When the early american citizens stood upon soap boxes, joined together for the good of their nation, and exposed evil, they didnt do it for profit, but to protect their way of life. Sure, some pubications had to charge to keep their presses running, but it literally costs nothing to post this video, and if they were doing it to save our country, then why charge at all for it? Obviously, it isnt because they care about america, freedom, or anything good, but, like Mike Lee and Huntsman and the Mormon Church, they only care about what they can get out of you. They only pretend to morals, to honor, to the right… just like Lee and Huntsman do in the video. All they care about is getting your dollars, and when those dollars dry up, they will disband and probably go start a new business where they actively display their helping the devils running this nation destroy good. Because they have no morals and no honor and no love of truth, but are men pleasers, lovers of money and the power of the world, worshippers (directly or indirectly) of the devil, just like Lee and Obama and Hunstman and Clinton and Epstein and all the rest of the devils army.

    And how, you ask, do I make such an assertion, seemingly so opposite to these people’s current stance and position? Because like all the other evil organizations that serve hell, the devil was smart enough, and cunning enough, to put some truth in all that he sells, and he always offers what seems like two polar opposites. The one choice is of a taste that evil men will savor, and the other for those of a less willing tendency to evil to suckle upon, but which still leads them to worship and serve evil under the image of a seemingly better facade, or a mask of divinity.

    Hence, the Church, which seemingly preaches good, but which steals from the poor to feed the communists and degenerates raping our country and undermining all good. Hence the politicians who preach one thing, but do the opposite. Hence the devil’s doctrine of God, which makes God seem like a lunatic that kills men at his will and pleasure and must be worshipped for it unless men will be tortured for eternity without compassion and without mercy.

    If that is the God you worship, then I tell you now, and with true authority from the source of Truth, and not that of an unknown god, that you serve the devil; the enemy of truth, the enemy of good, the enemy of mankind. And if satan doesn’t exist, men will make it exist, they will create him, just as they create their own churches and their own gods, but they do so in corruption, as is their church, and their leaders and the government that has grown over their heads and which oppresses them in all aspects of life.

    And anyone who says one wit against the truth I speak here, he or she is a damned soul, who denies truth, and loves evil, and walks upon a path to evil, and has damned himself, having gone after evil. Not because I say so, but Truth says so. And if your “truth” is relative, and based on whatever you want to believe; or rather, what you are told to believe by wicked men who get you to worship them as men of god, then you cannot hear the voice of truth, which is alluded to by the devil’s churches, but which he has co-opted, and turned you to deaf men, to hear the evil voice, and not the truth. But to those who have real truth, and obey it, they are they who have a much greater knowledge, and they know who they are, and they are not men, following other men, hoping that what they are told will come true, but they know with a better knowledge, and they know that the religions of men are all corrupt, and transform the real “God” into an idol and a lunatic and a senseless and unknowable creature that defies the very sense and logic that the source of Truth has given us to avoid being deceived by these evil men.

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