Utah Advanced Nurse Practitioner Talks About Her Experiences With the C19 Vaccine

Defending Utah speaks with Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, Becky Jenson, and her views on the controversial vaccine, what her family is doing and other related items.

Also, check out our interview with another Utah medical professional whistleblower here https://www.defendingutah.org/post/2020/05/18/whistle-blowers-reveal-lies-behind-the-fake-pandemic/


4 Responses

  1. Look up who Klaus Schwab’s father was. His father’s agenda is the agenda the entire world is currently facing.

  2. How do I sign a petition to save UTAH, because UN will not be just in Utah, it will be another Marxist Communistic Plan

  3. I would like to suggest another effect of the vaccine is a detached retina. This effect seems consistent with the blot clot narrative, i.e with the vascularity of the eye, if the spike proteins lodge in the eye followed by the clotting, it seems logical that a detached retina is a distinct possibility. Before two months ago, I had never known anyone who has had a detached retina. Then about two months ago a close acquaintance got a possibly career-ending detached retina. I knew he had received the vax only a few days or weeks before the retina detached, so I wondered if there could be a correlation. Then my interest was really piqued when it was reported in elders’ quorum that a member had a detached retina. Then literally the following week an employee of my business was gone one day. I asked why she was out and I was told she had to take a friend to the opthalmologist for, you guessed it, a detached retina and this person had shortly before received the vax, and amazingly, this same employee reported that another friend of hers, again following the shot, was diagnosed with a detached retina. I have read that a person has a 1 in 10,000 chance in any one year to suffer a retinal detachment, and yet I, having never in my 68 years having known anyone to have this, suddenly know of four people to suffer this serious eye problem. And I know that at least three of the four had received the jab, but I cannot confirm whether the fourth did or did not, but I would lay ten to one odds the fourth received it as well. It is my opinion the chance of this randomly happening to four people this close to me or my friends, without some outside event, is nearly astronomical. I strongly believe that outside event is one which links at least three of the four, and that is the jab.

    1. I’ve read many accounts of people suffering blindness after being vaccinated. For example: by SeaShell | May 9, 2021

      My Dad had the exact same thing happen to him…. blind and not responding to treatment. He got 2 Pfizer jabs, and thought it was the greatest thing ever to be vaccinated. Put the screws to me to get it too, along with my son – or we couldn’t visit. Said I guess we’ll see you if and when the pandemic’s over. So glad I stood my ground. He bought the “safe and effective” BS hook, line and sinker.

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